What could I have done wrongly?

2022.01.24 08:34 Final-Entrepreneur74 What could I have done wrongly?

I (16M) have known I girl (16F) for around 4 months, she was the one who sent me first. Two weeks pass after we talk every day and I ask her out. She says yes we go out and the date went well. 2 weeks later I hang out with her and her friends and nothing pretty much happened between us. The next day, schools started and our free time got reduced as you can imagine.
We were still chatting quite regularly and we hang out again with her friends after a month. (I should mention that before we hang out I had asked her twice out and she had some excuses not to go). Anyway, after that hang out I realise that I might be friendzoned. I sent her a message the following week telling her to tell me when she is available to go out because I wanted to say something to her in person. After that message she kept initiating conversation but never told me to hang out and she also said that lately she doesn't have time for anything other than school. I should also mention that she told to a mutual friend of ours that I wanted to tell her something in person and that friend even asked me about it.
A month later we chat and I asked her about what she did today and she told me she hang out that day. I then text her this message: "instead of: I don't have time for anything other than school you could have told me: I don't have time for you". The conversation we had pretty much didn't lead anywhere and it was something like a misunderstanding though I managed with the use of humor to make the situation more chilled so it would be considered as a fight.
A few days later I wish her happy birthday and we had a small talk. A few more days go by and she wishes me merry Christmas again leading to a small talk. We didn't talk for more than a week after that and that's where I decided that I had to figure things out. I sent her a voice message where I told her that I was kinda confused about what our relationship is like and I wanted to make sure we are on the same page
We have quite a conversation there and the main point is that she told me that she didn't have energy or time for anything more that friendly. I told her that we should find a field where our wants are aligned and that just friends isn't in that field. She then told me: So, I have to do something that I don't want, or cut off with you? I reply with: same goes for me. It was kinda late when we had this convo and she told me that she had to to to bed. I told her: ok gn but we have to sort this out later. She replied: I know. Two weeks have passed including by birthday and i haven't received a text. I was thinking of sending her as I thought about it and staying friends wasn't that bad of an option for me after all but I didn't want to be the one to reach out once again, as I would be seen as needy if I wasn't already perceived like that.
I wonder what I did wrong about this. There are also some random things to mention here. She has really strict parents, she is pansexual and on the first hangout she told me she was more attracted to girls, the mutual friend I mentioned above told me that when he asked her if I had a chance she said:"he is handsome, plays 5 musical instruments and 3 sports. What do you think ?" Anyway that's all I have to say. If you have read this far I would appreciate some advice about what I did wrong so I won't repeat the same mistakes again, and if there is pretty much anything I can do about me and her at this point
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2022.01.24 08:34 SumonaFlorence I bought these 'Three Way' speakers and they don't use the other channels I think?

I bought these speakers, Sony XS-GTF1039, and hooked them into my vehicle. I played some music and placed my finger upon the cone to check if they were pumping right.
I tested the little cone in the middle and it doesn't seem to be doing anything.. do I need a Sony radio set to utilise these speakers properly?
The speakers only have a + and - terminal and nothing else, so I can't see what would be different.
Are these speakers just a gimmick or have I missed something?
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2022.01.24 08:34 kinkykat977 She deserves better quality photo! so here you go 😲 😁

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2022.01.24 08:34 BumblebeeHorror2534 Endrick no Mundial de Clubes? «Se o clube achar por bem comprar um bilhete para a Disneyland...»

Endrick, de apenas 15 anos, é, atualmente, um fenómeno de popularidade. O jovem avançado está a ser um dos grandes destaques da Copinha - vai jogar a final contra o Santos - e têm-se levantado, nos últimos tempos, muitos rumores sobre a possibilidade de disputar o Mundial de Clubes com a equipa principal, a cargo de Abel Ferreira. Ora, no final da partida contra o Grêmio Novorizontino (0x2), do Campeonato Paulista, o técnico português comentou essa possibilidade... Com grande sentido de humor. «Em relação ao Endrick, se o clube achar por bem comprar um bilhete para ele e para a família para a Disneyland... Eu acho bem. É disso que ele precisa, é um menino de 15 anos», começou por dizer. «Não tenham pressa nem ansiedade. Mais tarde ou mais cede vai jogar na equipa principal. Mas agora ele precisa de brincar, ainda é um menino. Ele nem jogou o último jogo todo, mas achei bem haver esse controlo», finalizou.
Texto retirado do zerozero.pt https://www.zerozero.pt/news.php?id=349946
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2022.01.24 08:34 Immediate-Rhubarb-29 ScorpionFinance - $SCORPFIN | 10% Reflection Reward In $BNB | 2% Auto Buyback & Burn ScorpFin | 5% Reflection Reward In ScorpFin | Hyper-Deflationionary mechanism | 3% Auto Growing Liquidity | Whale Proof | Anti Bot and Dump | Audit by Interfi

ScorpFin encompasses the qualities of a secure self-hosted wallet, a DEX, a merchant payment network, Gaming, and a Defi farming and staking services aggregator within a single application.
5 ScorpFin DApps
ScorpFolio - this product aims to be the leading network for mobile cryptocurrency portfolio tracking management, where users can overview and customize their wallet assets portfolio.
ScorPay - is a universal mobile app that allows users to buy goods and services using cryptocurrencies.
ScorpSwap - this product is a completely different type of exchange that's fully decentralized - meaning it is owned and operated by a single entity and uses a relatively new type of trading model called an automated liquidity protocol. This platform is built on the BSC network.
ScorpNFTracker & Market - this product represents a marketplace for buying, selling, and creating NFTs. It uses sales data of each NFT, thus, in turn, rewarding users with ScoprFin tokens.
ScorpGames - is a new type of game partially owned and operated by its Players. By owning ScorpNFTs, players have more chances of completing the stages and ultimately earn more rewards attached to each stage.
BUY : 0x475c8df9860e42605d9917f0a2e522cc861cbf82
Website: www dot scorpion-finance dot com
Twitter: ScorpionFinance
Telegram: ScorpFin
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2022.01.24 08:34 el_patron_disha Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino on the set of Godfather II, 1974

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2022.01.24 08:34 iamcalifw 🐶 MetaShiba - Just stealth launched 10 minutes 🚀 Renounced Ownership | KYC In Progress 💲Did you miss Doge, ShibaInu, FlokiInu? Don't miss MetaShiba ($METASHIBA) - GEM x1000 moonshot | LP Locked 1 year

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2022.01.24 08:34 Large-Instruction138 And your 8 finalists for Vidbir 2022 are...

Alina Pash
Kalush Orchestra
Michael Soul
Our Atlantic
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2022.01.24 08:34 Ready-Ad7499 What is the reality of reincarnation? To know more, Must read the holy book 'Musalman Nahi Samjhe Gyan Quran'

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2022.01.24 08:34 _mloneusk Making my way down south

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2022.01.24 08:34 martinsan_777 both thumbs up for this fellow

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2022.01.24 08:34 Chambert_city Downtown building in 1 minute (Link in desc)

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This is a collection series of my interpretation for "into Cryptoverse"
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2022.01.24 08:34 dilsmak00 Xxx slam

M4mf, m4f Fun dude looking C2C now. Am going to do a naked slam and love an audience. Freaks go to the head of the line
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2022.01.24 08:34 rpsychicthrowaway a cough that's getting worse after throwing up weeks ago

22f, 5'3, 95ish pounds
On December 30 I threw up twice and felt really sick (was throwing up pure liquids too). no idea what my termperature was but my dad said i felt feverish. since then, ive had a cough. it's getting worse the past couple of days. no fever, just a bad cough and some sinus troubles but hard to tell bc it could just be the dry air or smth (it's usually bloody when i blow my nose). my chest hurts slightly when i cough and feels kinda like there's pressure when i breathe in. ive gotten two negative covid tests in the past couple weeks including one on friday. (sorry gross) ive been coughing up white mucus most of the time.
my heart has been having some issues the past year but a cardiologist said it wasn't urgent and nothing's diagnosed (will be getting an ultrasound in june)
should i skip some classes that i really can't afford to skip to go to the health center or should i just hope it goes away on its own
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2022.01.24 08:34 In-evitable_ Hmm....

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2022.01.24 08:34 TheUnholyShit [serious] people who lost weight, how much did you lose and what did you do to lose the weight ?

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2022.01.24 08:34 GrouchyAd8596 I’m pretty dumb for a smart person

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2022.01.24 08:34 raresandrei78 Am 10 pe linie la română și 3 la engleză 😎

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2022.01.24 08:34 Azrael-V1 Anon likes cows

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2022.01.24 08:34 Sean-Zendrick-777 how to destroy a beyblade in a battle?

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2022.01.24 08:33 Sri_Man_420 SHOCKING: Bihar Tourism Minister's son opens fire on children playing in his farm

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2022.01.24 08:33 ThatsJackett No Way Home FULL Movie

Message me for link. Don't wanna get banned. 720p near perfect version of the movie.
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2022.01.24 08:33 ZoobBot 203074

This is the 203074th time I made this shitty comment. I hate this job.
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2022.01.24 08:33 noobfl ich_iel

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