'Ditch them': SNP under pressure as headteachers pan P1 tests

2022.01.24 07:31 dougal83 'Ditch them': SNP under pressure as headteachers pan P1 tests

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2022.01.24 07:31 Max-Carnage1927 I hear cellos....

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2022.01.24 07:31 scaramouchecomehome Hello me again- heres another work of mineee

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2022.01.24 07:31 Chris_P_Chick3n Alternative to Diablo Immortal

Does anyone knows good alternative for Diablo Immortal? I tried the Torchlight Infinite beta but i just doesent work from time to time and only with vpn since my country isnt choosed for the beta. I tried Eternium as well but i dont like that i have to tap where i want to go and while drawing the spells i always pull the control center bar down wich is very annoying. So if you guys maybe know some good games on ios like diablo or torchlight that would be awsome.
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2022.01.24 07:31 dank6meme9master Is it worth it to oc ram?

I have a gskill 32gb 3600 cl18 kit and a ryzen 5900x. Will if actually make a difference or I should just stick to the default docp profile?
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2022.01.24 07:31 xavierwest888 Financail advice: If you're really in crypto for the long run then stop worrying about which direction the market is heading in!

Title says it all really, so many people say they are in crypto for the long run yet they talk about market movements like they are day traders.
If you're in it for the long run then you have to ask yourself just one question:
Do you think BTC will reach ATH again within the next 5 years?
If you think yes, then carry on.
If you think no, then sell and invest in stocks as that will have the better return.
If you're carrying in then there are just two numbers that matter, what price you brought and what price you sell. EVERYTHING else is meaningless, it makes no difference at all to your final gains, your portfolio is worth what you will sell it for, all the market is telling you otherwise is when you will be able to sell.
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2022.01.24 07:31 EnferDesFormes [Round 106094] Calcio Italiano 21/107 Province of Caserta. Coordinates of the football field please

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2022.01.24 07:31 hay_wire There are how many rules?

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2022.01.24 07:31 BurnedtoasterXD no potioned hedgehog or potioned hedgehog ?? (more value)

View Poll
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2022.01.24 07:31 Swedernish What happens to ‘normal’ UK people if a world war breaks out?

When i say ‘normal’, i mean your average joe, 9-5 job, not involved in the army or anything. Yes, this is related to the Ukraine-Russia concern.
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2022.01.24 07:31 Emo_Deer use multimc

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2022.01.24 07:31 Inside_Policy2096 💮$TITAN is trending on pinksale! 🏹 The clash of the swap platforms is here.Meta Titan is a P2E game whereby avatars inspired by the swap platforms battle against each other in the arena to emerge with lucrative rewards! 📆25th of Jan on Pink Sale at 2PM UTC🔥

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🏹Meta Titans is a multiplayer play-to-earn and arcade shooter game whereby gamers, through their titans, battle against each other to win prizes at the end of the match. Meta Titans comprises 2 parts - a last man standing mode and a freeplay mode. In the free play mode, titans can just roam around and socialize with each other. This makes Meta Titans not only a mere game but a vast world whereby gamers can socialize in an endless landscape with endless possibilities. Meta Titans has been created in order to allow gamers to explore the metaverse, socialize and earn while having fun. Each player's creativity and ingenuity will be the driving force to their earning capacities and in the creation of a digital world that will surpass expectations and exceed our imaginations.

⚔️The $TITAN token is an ERC20 and is the main currency of the game enabling Meta Titans to trade on the marketplace and use specific DeFi products such as collateralization, buyback and staking. These products will be available for use in the first phases of the project to support the game development.

📆$TITAN is having a presale on the 25th of Jan on Pink Sale at 2PM UTC

🎮 Games are no more simply highly addictive and comforting alternate realities. They are becoming an income generating tool.

🌋 Elevate your everyday gaming and earning experience with $TITAN.


💬 Telegram: http://t.me/Meta_Titan_Official

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🌐 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Metatitanworld

🐦 Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaTitanWorld

🔊Discord: https://discord.gg/VXQPv3Tq5p
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2022.01.24 07:31 wildtimes3 NASA’s Rocket Science Facility Has An Amazing Production Rate of ZERO Rockets Per Year!!!

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2022.01.24 07:31 lyx77221 Found this on tumblr, safe to say i am more then confused…

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2022.01.24 07:31 CornCuck polyuria or paranoia?

Hi all! I've got an 8.5mo male ragdoll cat who's gonna be 5 days healing from neutering as of 3 pm, Monday the 24th. He's drinking fine, his temp is fine, he's alert, he's eating fine and I can't feel anything particularly different in his bladder region. Nor does he respond to any pressure on the area other than the obvious 'mom, please let me go play' fidget. Nothing* at all seems to be concerning to me. Since his surgery, we had to reach a compromise just so we could ensure he wasn't stressed or alone. When wearing his cone, he would turn into this little poltergeist about it. Anything at any cost anywhere, it didn't matter, he'd fight it off. That worried me intensely as the vet told me they used no glue or sutures on his incision, and as someone financially challenged right now, my goal has been avoiding going to the vet when we can, so I came up with a relatively small compromise. I decided we would keep him in a pet stroller with his cone off and keep a very close eye on him, and every 4 hours at most, take him into our bathroom where we've temporarily relocated a food dish and water dish because that is where his litterbox has been since we've brought him home. So far that's been fine. My spouse and I have been taking shifts to be sure this can be done. He's no stranger to putting up with something similar, as I was insistent he and the other cat in the home (M, 4, Neutered) be separated during their introductory period and that entailed leaving him in that bathroom and visiting him in there often. *Now, when we take him to his little breaks in the bathroom, he's urinated regularly most of the time. A few times, however, he will go to pee, not really get a whole lot out, and kinda just cover it up and walk out of the litterbox. You can tell he's not pleased though. Over the past 2 days, according to my spouse, he's gotten back in though, and tried a couple more times at most that I've noticed. He's been doing this since we brought him home from the surgery but it wasn't really something I was concerned with until today, as I'd written it off as either discomfort or something to do with his healing process. What's changed is he's started crying for seemingly no reason. My spouse suggests the boy is getting stir crazy and just wants to be free to run and jump (which, for obvious reasons, I'd rather be cautious about). So far he's only gotten into two crying fits. The first time, bathroom breaks didn't seem to honestly appeal to him that much, and his big brother getting the zoomies is what we both believe caused it. He just wouldn't calm down until he got distracted by some treats. The second time, NOTHING WORKED. Not a bathroom break, food, the freedom (under intense watch) to play and move around, treats, hugs and kisses, or potty. I called the vet we took him to, because they have an emergency line, and it seemed like the main focus was to get me off of the phone and into the vet before I'd gotten the chance to fully and properly explain the issues. The volume of his urination seems to match his liquid intake, though. He just seems to be going because he knows it's his potty break and not because he actually HAS TO GO. I'd say, urine volume taken into account, it'd be like 3-4 normal pee trips at most. I'm an NHA licensed CMA, so I have a faint knowledge of urinary-related conditions, but you never know with cats and it seems sometimes you really can't play it safe enough. But my pockets REALLY can't afford a trip to the vet when this could just be a quirky cat. Obviously, if this isn't enough to rule out or decide if this is something worth spending the 100 dollar emergency fee on top of any potential treatments or foods the vet would want to give me. (ie bladder crystals or UTI), I'll take him. He's my whole world and then some. I just would really appreciate an opinion from an outside vet before I make any decisions. THANK YOU!!
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2022.01.24 07:31 shmasad You in?

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2022.01.24 07:31 Corplay She is making a comeback

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2022.01.24 07:31 Impressive_Flight528 My husband is always right

Hi everyone. My husband and I (25F 30M) have been married for 2 years. He is the best husband ever and I couldn’t dream of someone better than him. However, there is this one issue that makes the small weekly bickering arguments blow out of proportion. My husband is always right. Not in the sense of « he thinks he’s always right » he actually is always right. We might have conversations where we agree, but when we do disagree, I often find that he actually is right after exposing his opinion and challenging mine (usually challenges my opinion until failure because I don’t have enough argument to back it).
This with time has made me extremely defensive. It’s important to say that he’s always very calm with his tone but I just can’t help being defensive.
Example : we both want kids and want one soon. We had a conversation about it and I told him I think having a child is a massive change because I won’t be able to do what I want anymore, to which he disagreed. We both are retired so we don’t work (thanks to hubby’s passive incomes/investments) and he challenged the fact that I won’t be able to do anything anymore. He asked me what do I think I won’t be able to do anymore and I said to him well for example go to gym whenever. He said I won’t be a single mother and we will both be equally present for the child and if I need to go to the gym, even for 3 hours, he will watch the kid. He basically agrees with the fact that a lot will change - but for me to say I won’t be able to do whatever I want is not backed up by anything because he has a solution for every situation I bring up and gently reminded me that he will be a very invested father and that it low-key hurts him that I think I can’t count on him.
This is just an example but this is something that happens constantly and is hurting my self esteem. I often have to admit he’s right and it makes me think that I’m stupid and inarticulate. I actually broke down into tears after the conversation that we had and he didn’t understand why. I explained to him that I feel like I’m always wrong with him- not because he’s evil and want to be right all the time but he just is a very well articulate person that can back up everything he says whereas I can’t. Everytime we disagree he challenges my point until failure because I can't back it properly. I don't have a problem with being wrong, but it's the fact that I'm always wrong with him. I shared these feelings with him to which he said that he doesn't think I'm stupid. He reassured me and said to me that him always being right isn't the reality and he brought up a few scenarios where I proved to him he was wrong and he admitted it. He says I'm creating this idea in my head of him always being right when it's not necessarily the truth. I said to him even if there have been times where I was right, most times, like 90% of the times, he's right and I'm wrong. He replied that it's not a competition, and he thinks I'm very intelligent and a well-articulated person and I've taught him a lot since we've been together.

He's the sweetest but I know this will happen again. I have this idea in my head that he's just always right and I know when another topic is going to come up again I will get defensive and stubborn just for the sake of being right. How do I stop feeling like this ? I don't want to always blow things out of proportion and be argumentative over nothing. And I don't want it to affect our relationship.
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2022.01.24 07:31 martinsan_777 why bother to secure the cargo while only driving 25 kph

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2022.01.24 07:31 elhotzo_bot El Hotzo, 24.01.2022

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2022.01.24 07:31 dansimmo95 Air con Gloucester

air con gloucester
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2022.01.24 07:31 mic_droo Bitcoin is down over 50% from its all time high - how do other coins hold up? And is DOGE really down the most? A short data analysis

Rough times for the market, huh? At the time of writing, BTC is down 52% since November, ETH is down 53%, and some coins have been hit even harder. Just yesterday, I've seen an article posted multiple times that DOGE is down more than 80% since ATH - wow, that's a lot, so DOGE must be down the most, right?
Long story short: nah, it's just people's tendency to single out DOGE and pretend it's doing so much worse than anything else. I scraped the ATH prices of the top 200 coins, how much they're down since then, and when they reached that ATH from Coingecko. I excluded stablecoins, leaving 186 coins. Here's a visualisation, the size of the dots indicates market cap, so bigger dots = bigger coins.
As you can see, Bitcoin - the huge dot in November - is not doing so bad compared to other coins - only 28 out of the 185 other ones are down less than it is. Dogecoin, being down 82%, admittedly, is doing somewhat badly - but is by far not the worst, 55 coins, almost every third, are down further than it - some of them much further!
Which coins are down the most? According to the data, it's Marinade Staked SOL (-97.6% since August) - but this seems to be a glitch, or maybe the price jumped there for like a minute, in fact it only seems to be down about 80%. The real answer, therefore is: Smooth Love Potion, Zcash and this sub's beloved Internet Computer are all down a whopping 97.3% since ATH! The worst performing Top 30 coin is Bitcoin Cash (-92.8%), the worst performing Top 10 coin is XRP (-82.9%).
Let's all hope most of these coins break ATH again at some point!
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2022.01.24 07:31 ecofriendlythesaurus Seeking participants for academic research on eco-distress! What's your experience of eco-distress?

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2022.01.24 07:31 kakteye First flower this year 🌼🌵 peruvianus ivan

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