Making Philosophy Tube

2022.01.24 08:14 Preddacted Making Philosophy Tube

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2022.01.24 08:14 docjasmeet Is there Any Medicine For Hernia To Avoid Surgery? हेर्निया के लिए कोई द...

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2022.01.24 08:14 Karimrir Don't hardcode your paths kids!

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2022.01.24 08:14 roadto600hp Sleeved blocks for 800 wheel

How strong are the stock gen 1 blocks? If I’m gonna run in the ballpark of 750 to 80” wheel is a sleeved block gonna be necessary? Forged internals is gonna be a must probably but if I can save the money I will
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2022.01.24 08:14 Disastrous-Ad4394 want to peek

I am feeling very weak right now. I really want to peek because I honestly have FOMO, I wanna go back and see "what's new", etc. I am going on 60 days strong (I don't know how many exactly, but I know it's about 2 months. I feel better about it when I don't count the exact days) and have been doing good, urges are getting easier and easier to deal with. But sometimes I have really horrific dreams when I go to sleep about me slipping up and falling back into a binge. Last night all I did was peek in my dreams and then that escalated, as it does most of the time.. Now the urge is stronger than ever and I don't know what to do. I just got home and have nothing to do.
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2022.01.24 08:14 Kirome Arcane River Dungeon Guide

Just to be clear I am making this guide for Erda Spectrum only since I have not reached lvl 215.
Since some people haven't gotten the gist of it, this guide is for the Red section of the dungeon since Blue is just simply to auto run it.
Why not just do Blue?
Red takes more effort because it cannot be automated, but with bad also comes good. The biggest reason to do red is to save time (average is around 2 mins left on the timer). In other words, blue takes 2 minutes longer, which amounts to 10 mins wasted if you run all 5.
TL;DR: This is only for those who know how it works, so just skip to "Strategy:" section.
How it works:
Once the stage starts a couple of small worms spawn, you kill them to power up the machines in the middle.
A giant erda worm will start crawling out of it's cave and if it reaches the machine in the middle it's game over (it's ok if you fail, you keep your ticket).
In order to win, you have to shoot the giant worm back into it's cave. The easiest tell is to look at the number showing on the top middle (it stars at 0/5 obviously), as soon as the counter goes up is when you have succeeded in pushing the worm back. Do this 5 times and you and your team win.
How the laser works:
There's 2 laser machines, your main attack button turns into the laser skill, and how it works is you hold the button, not continuous tapping. In order to use it first you need to face left or right and then hold the button, it will shoot at whatever direction you are facing. The main use of the laser is to push the giant worm back into it's cave. It has limited use though, killing the small worms is what gives it juice.
As soon as the game starts, start killing the small worms first (non-laser assigned should always be killing small worms). Assign someone on laser duty and have them start shooting it at the top-left first (that's right the positions of the giant worms are fixed indicated by an arrow). Once the counter goes to 1/5 wait for a few seconds and then start shooting top-right. Next is bottom-left and once the counter is at 3/5 assign another person on laser duty, one facing top-left and the other bottom-right, wait a few seconds and have your laser buddies to fire them until the counter is at 5/5.
Strategy TL;DR:
Locations of Giant worm
Round - Location 1st: Top-left 2nd: Top-right 3rd: Bottom-left Final - Top-left and bottom-right
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2022.01.24 08:14 AdiChir I make videos with spiritual subjects, this is my latest video. The name of video : Mythologies : Atlantida and Lemuria, our forgotten history
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2022.01.24 08:14 DinoHunter05 H: V2525 railway W: to know what it's worth

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2022.01.24 08:14 SvetlinNakov Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) – Basic Concepts

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2022.01.24 08:14 Anon2971 Donda: Spirit Edition V1.3 (100% FLAC release now available)

It's finally happened!! The editor behind the Heaven and Hell edit has re-emerged, so I've finally been able to update that to a FLAC instead of the old MP3 bounce.
1.3 Changes:

Otherwise this release is the same as V1.2. Download links below.
MP3: aHR0cHM6Ly9rcmFrZW5maWxlcy5jb20vdmlldy81d01VeXZmWHppL2ZpbGUuaHRtbA==
FLAC: aHR0cHM6Ly9rcmFrZW5maWxlcy5jb20vdmlldy9qZXFidVlJemZjL2ZpbGUuaHRtbA==
I think I can finally call this project fully completed now. Enjoy!
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2022.01.24 08:14 martifero Attualmente chi è guarito dal covid negli ultimi 6 mesi ha gli stessi diritti di chi si è fatto la dose booster, tranne che per visitare strutture residenziali, socio-assistenziali, socio-sanitarie e hospice, che richiedono un tampone negativo nelle ultime 48 ore. Cosa accadrà ai guariti recenti?

View Poll
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2022.01.24 08:14 Sad-Fee-7094 Why is there an Red barrel?

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2022.01.24 08:14 IThinkThisIsReddit How has the school done nothing about this substitute?

Student here. One of my teachers caught Covid the other week and I have two other teachers who have had multiple substitutes last week. One recurring substitute I’ve had just has let kids use their phones the entire period and doesnt care what we do unless it gets too loud. My fellow peers have recently been moaning in class when the substitute is there and there is no reprimanding. He even let us use our phones while kids were testing in the classroom. Another time, I had him the day before a math test, and he was told to give us the study guide and do a study kahoot like we always do before class, and instead he just let us use our phones.(ik this because i heard the math teacher complain about it, and she let everyone retake with help)I like having this substitute, but how tf is he not fired? Is the substitute teacher shortage that bad?
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2022.01.24 08:14 deckchair1992 Ford set for England Six Nations recall

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2022.01.24 08:14 Stach37 Former Alabama OL Matt Womack signs to Edmonton Elks

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2022.01.24 08:14 UltimateChaos233 I saw, I came, I _____.

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2022.01.24 08:14 f6zzo Oda foreshadowed Zoro’s statue

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2022.01.24 08:14 _Musi Part-time

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2022.01.24 08:14 salviae ❤️

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2022.01.24 08:14 Bernardku m15 R5 - Fans Boost bug? After turning off, fans stay at 0% and temps go heavy. Max automatic goes to 78% fan without boost.

So as title suggests, when I use the fan boost button FN+F1 - fans go 100%, all good. When I push the button again, fans drop to 0% and stay there. Even when temps go well above 70-80C.
I have to go to command center --> Advanced --> Smooth Line - adjust the settings and save. Now it starts to work again.
And also, even if I set to go 100% once temps hit 60C the max fans percentage goes to 78%.
any idea how to fix both of these apparent bugs?
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2022.01.24 08:14 Deragon_ Java kelp farm (for xp)

So I built one lastnight. Got about 15 stacks of dried kelp. When I go to get the xp I get 1 semi decent chunk. But no more after the 1...
Now when I was on bedrock the exp was pretty quick to stack up and I got alot more out of it. Also 2 different farms.. maybe that's it. Maybe java just doesn't want me to succeed
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2022.01.24 08:14 GraphicCardYo Changing to neutral requires clutch??? (ATS)

I thought changing from any gears to neutral does not require clutch But when i try this, it does require clutch
If my cureent gear is 8H and i want to change to N before stop So i move stick to N but it's still 8H Gear does not change utill i press clutch
What is problem and how do i fix?
I am using G27 and gear layout is Eaton 13
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2022.01.24 08:14 ShortAlgo $LU Waiting for Buy signal on LU

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2022.01.24 08:14 twitchnormie Just got an order for home depot (which is a store that ive never seen on dd) and it was about a $20 order and a 40 MINUTE DRIVE

What are these orders, i think it said it was for doordash drive? Ive never seen an order with a drive that far. I declined it obviously cause thats way too much of a distance.
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2022.01.24 08:14 Two-bugs p̸͓̺̋͛̽̓̉̅̍̈́̈́͘͠ͅë̸̛̲́̈́̈́̎̂̾̒̌̆ṗ̴̗̤̣̹̟̯̣̯͊p̸̛͓̼̏̍̈́͗̀͒͒͐̽̄̃͐a̵͖̲̣̰͚̗̗̜̙̜͕͙̰͌͛͋̍̈́̍͊̀̈́͐̌̃̑͆͗͜͝ ̷͉͓̰̺̞͈͇̤̦̱̣͐̀̎́͌̒̑̍͘̚͜͜͝t̵̛͇̼̖͍̗̜͎̄̃̂́̂̀͝h̴̞͙̹͕͙̖͇̖̽̾e̵̪̼̼͓̹̩̹̜̜̪̞̳͒ ̶̡͓͙͔̪̼͎̮̻̮͈̓̔̌̎͋͌̈́̈́͠͠f̸̧̗̂̓͒͌̍͌̉͘͝ȋ̴̛͈͕͖̦̭̰̲̫̠̫̼͈͖͇̋͊̈́s̷̘̝̙̱̼̠͔͍̖̻̩͉͛̅̆̿̏͜͝ḫ̸̨̩̝̲̯̪̖͇̖͍̙͕̞̔̽̅͊̀̈́́̕ and Muscular minion

p̸͓̺̋͛̽̓̉̅̍̈́̈́͘͠ͅë̸̛̲́̈́̈́̎̂̾̒̌̆ṗ̴̗̤̣̹̟̯̣̯͊p̸̛͓̼̏̍̈́͗̀͒͒͐̽̄̃͐a̵͖̲̣̰͚̗̗̜̙̜͕͙̰͌͛͋̍̈́̍͊̀̈́͐̌̃̑͆͗͜͝ ̷͉͓̰̺̞͈͇̤̦̱̣͐̀̎́͌̒̑̍͘̚͜͜͝t̵̛͇̼̖͍̗̜͎̄̃̂́̂̀͝h̴̞͙̹͕͙̖͇̖̽̾e̵̪̼̼͓̹̩̹̜̜̪̞̳͒ ̶̡͓͙͔̪̼͎̮̻̮͈̓̔̌̎͋͌̈́̈́͠͠f̸̧̗̂̓͒͌̍͌̉͘͝ȋ̴̛͈͕͖̦̭̰̲̫̠̫̼͈͖͇̋͊̈́s̷̘̝̙̱̼̠͔͍̖̻̩͉͛̅̆̿̏͜͝ḫ̸̨̩̝̲̯̪̖͇̖͍̙͕̞̔̽̅͊̀̈́́̕ and Muscular minion submitted by Two-bugs to crappyoffbrands [link] [comments]