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for u/NovaPickler i guess i'm the official cast signer now

2022.01.24 07:31 SaturnSubliminals for u/NovaPickler i guess i'm the official cast signer now

for u/NovaPickler i guess i'm the official cast signer now
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2022.01.24 07:31 youngnfunxxx First indoor grow should i keep fan amd exhuast running during lights of

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2022.01.24 07:31 horjb666 ❄️WINTER Graffiti PIECE ❄️

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2022.01.24 07:31 bobbyUP-MKII Dasha Chaickovska

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2022.01.24 07:31 desilund4u More for y'all

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2022.01.24 07:31 huner4274 cute and funny animals

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2022.01.24 07:31 _oneshoe_ Super-Meta

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2022.01.24 07:31 gitoa123 Omicron was pretty mild for me.

First, some info about me. I’m a 40yr old American living in Japan, and I am not vaccinated. (Most Japanese don’t want to take or trust the vaccine.) I’m a personal trainer, so in shape and eat a healthy balanced diet. I’m not anti-vax, I’m low risk, so I thought I wouldn’t need it. Things aren’t politicized here, everyone kind of trust everyone to make their own decisions. Last Friday I was in bed and felt hot. Checked my temperature and it was 39.5, a high fever. Other than that, felt normal. Went to sleep, woke up to a slight headache, vertigo and nausea. Went to the HP to get tested and was positive. That’s the worst it got. Took no medicine. I slept the whole day, and by the next day I was at 98% I would say, just some body aches. And now today, 3 days later, I’m 100%. The worst part of this whole ordeal is being isolated. I miss my family, but also So blessed I didn’t have to go through it like some did. Just felt like a common cold.
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2022.01.24 07:31 diverdave142010 Bugout clone from Aliexpress

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2022.01.24 07:31 AshNBr I can't find or learn how to calculate the CR of a behir

I'd really appreciate if someone could tell me its CR or point to any source that has the CR of a behir, and possibly other creatures.
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2022.01.24 07:31 NFLK13 People over 30 - what’s been your biggest achievement after your 30?

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2022.01.24 07:31 Negative-Shallot-523 Laboratory assistant interview question

Hey everyone so I am a last year medical lab science student here in Australia, so i had a lab assistant job interview today and I think the interview went great and it was engaging and i felt great about it , however, at the when they asked me if I have any question , i said no i dont as I am already working for the company in a different role. Do u think this blew my chances ? honestly I really do want this job and i really cant stop thinking about it :) would be great if i can get some advice for future interviews too :) thank you very much !!!
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2022.01.24 07:31 modyzwastaken help! fishbones

hello i need help a fish bone is stuck in my cat pharynx and I'm clueless on how to remove it and I'm sure there's a way other then a surgery so if you something I'll be more then happy to try it . thanks
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2022.01.24 07:31 Ready_For_Tomorrow Cathédrale de Strasbourg, Alsace, France

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2022.01.24 07:31 Susnjara Just started playing again, question.

Hey everyone, just started playing arena gain. I'm not sure if i should use my wildcards too make a deck for Innistrad, or should i wait for kamigawa to drop in two weeks? Will the decks be totaly different or dont people know that yet?
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2022.01.24 07:31 Bananabob14173 Fasnacht event masks

So whenever there’s a fasnacht event I always try and attend it as much as possible, I believe I’ve gotten everything except the raven mask and power armour helm, could be more tho, possibly the crazy man one. Anyway was it still possible to get the PA helm last time it was on because it’s supposed to happen again some time in the next few months I believe and I just wanna know if I’ve been wasting my time for the previous ones
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2022.01.24 07:31 Empyrean_Dusk 20m looking to make some friends.

Heyo! I'm a full time college student as well as working part time so Ive been finding it hard recently to get to talk with my friends who are also busy. I'd love to make some new friends here or even just have some nice conversation. Even if you're just looking through and passing by I hope you have a fantastic day! I won't bore you any longer now hope to hear from someone soon
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2022.01.24 07:31 bitredditorsa Solana Network Suffers Yet Another Network Outage: DeFi Users Pay the Price

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2022.01.24 07:31 FlashPan73 Which Simple/Intro MS Course - Azure, Intune, O365 admin, 365 Defender

Morning/afternoon/evening all.
My work is soon to start a move to azure etc from on-prem. The chaps I manage will need to do some bau, day to day tasks (not actually build the environment/architect it).
Can anyone please advise which intro/beginner courses I can provide them to get them started in this environement?
Not looking to make them full MSPs etc
Thanks and cheers
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2022.01.24 07:31 Dbrow243 Such Worry,🥺Much Save☺️

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2022.01.24 07:31 FurtherDetails LPT: A household email address is really helpful to allow all adults to access utilities and be kept up to date by providers

For example, energy companies, Amazon, Netflix, water. Any household related companies we sign up with the household email which we both have access to so if there's any issues or we need to update passwords, either of us can do it. Only issue is, you need to make sure you let the other party know if you mark an email as read!
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2022.01.24 07:31 m00nbum $14.99 (Reg. $49.99) Cuisinart 12 PC Knife Set

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2022.01.24 07:31 BasedAmadioha Struggling to play Andro in higher elos

Ever since i got to d3 it’s been way harder to play andro. I find it hard to pop off as I normally would and I struggle against these 3 dmgs that I always see in every draft (Cassie, sha lin and lian).
I usually do well with andro when people are isolated or have bad positioning but everyone in this elo is extremely experienced so the chances of this happening is close to 0. It also feels like I deal 0 dmg unless I’m up in their face but when I get close enough to deal dmg I get lian or Cassie combo’d.
Any tips or advice will be helpful. Thanks.
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2022.01.24 07:31 xFearful425 They saved the Medusa.

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2022.01.24 07:31 AM110404 When video editing, increasing fps to 60 drastically speeds up the video?

Does anyone know how to fix this? Any help would be appreciated
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