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the candaler in my parents house

2022.01.24 06:57 kingveteran the candaler in my parents house

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2022.01.24 06:57 seancurreyfitness The PERFECT Beginner Program (Sets and Reps Included)

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2022.01.24 06:57 crystalinerose I made a moonlit garden in teapot (thank you Xiao for coming home!) πŸŒ•βœ¨

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2022.01.24 06:57 feindishly New Player Week 1 Guide

Hi all, I remember there were a BUNCH of things I found SUPER confusing In my first 1 or 2 weeks of playing the game. With a bunch of new players starting during the Lisa's Extra Lessons event, I thought I'd try put together a guide to help them acclimate to the game. This guide is intended for week 1 players to hopefully explain some of the systems and terms I struggled to understand a little at first.
GUIDES This was the best full noob beginner guide I've found so far. The one Linked in the FAQ on reddit uses terms like evolution, uncapping, combining, awakening, which was all a bit much the first week or 2. I feel like this guide is a better primer for the entirely clueless, hahahah:
the reddit FAQ:
Here is the beginner guide linked on the reddit FAQ. This offers really great advice once you have a sense of the basic game functions and terminology:
Wait, how many Mona's are there in this game?!? Haha, well the quick answer is 4. There are 4 versions of Mona, and Lisa has 3 versions, and Davi has 7 (SEVEN!). Mona, Lisa, and Davi are the Main Character's succubus aides who you'll meet quickly in the story. There are multiple versions of many childs, which can make discussing them confusing when you're new. For game purposes, these variants are 100% entirely different childs, There is the dark defender 3β˜† Mona you start with, and there is a 5β˜† wood type supporter mona (newbie mona), a 5β˜† light supporter mona (lightbeam mona), and a 5β˜† fire debuffer mona (sunbeach mona).
You have to collect these characters individually. You won't convert your starting Mona into one of these other Mona's by leveling her up, or choosing a talent tree, or using a leaf stone or something like in Pokemon. There are many ways to evolve and power up a child (explained below), but nothing (so far) will ever change it's element type (fire, wood, water, light, dark) or class (supporter, debuffer, defender, attacker, healer). To confuse matters further each Mona version has it's own skins, and you can't put a Light Mona skin onto Wood Mona because they're technically different childs.
This "multiple childs with the same name" thing confused the hell out of me in my first week, so hopefully this helps you. There are story events that are the "reason" for the different versions of a single character, but don't get too hung up on that right now.
"Native" star level "Native" star level is a term for a child's base number of stars when you initially get her, before she's been evolved or improved her at all. The native star level is always consistent for each child, so you can't get lucky and summon some ultra rare 5β˜† Dark Defender Mona. Dark Defender Mona is always 3β˜†s upon summon (a "native 3β˜†"), 100% of the time. Newbie Mona (wood supporter) is always 5β˜†s upon summon, 100% of the time (a "native 5β˜†").
Even if you eventually evolve your Dark Mona up to become a 6β˜† (evolution is explained below), she's still a native 3β˜†.
CHILD UPGRADING something else that was super confusing to me I'll take a couple minutes to explain. There are 6 mechanisms for improving your childs: evolution, uncapping, combining, awakening, skill training, and ignition.
Skill improvement uses Onyx. It makes your skills (basic attack, tap, and slide) do more damage or grant bonus effects. The base max skill level is 10 unless you uncap your child (explained below). Uncapping lets you "rank up" your skill, meaning you can keep leveling the skill past it's default max. Each additional "rank" lets you advance a skill 10 additional "levels". It uses between 100 and 600ish onyx to increase a skill by one level at rank 1, but if you uncap 6 times, each skill level can cost 6-20+ thousand onyx at rank 7 (the highest rank).
Uncapping can ONLY be done by consuming a duplicate of the child (there is no "wild card" child for uncapping), it also uses coins. It improves her stats, and it allows you to rank skills past their previous max. You can uncap a child the number of times equal to it's current star rarity (3 times for a 3β˜† , 4 times for a 4β˜†, etc...). The only way to get duplicate childs for uncapping is summons, or occasionally event shops sell a special child. Don't get too depressed if you don't get uncap copies of a child during an event banner. Many childs are still extremely powerful, even at +0, and all childs are added to the general summon pool after an event, there's no "limited availability" you need to worry about. (note: collab events are an exception to this rule) To fully uncap any child requires 7 copies of the child; the child herself, and then 6 copies to reach full uncap once you evolve her up to a 6β˜†. Evolution is explained below.
Combining means consuming special "exp" childs for experience points. These EXP childs look like little blob men sorta. You can filter your child list to view exp childs. These childs are essentially just a consumable item that gives other childs XP. Using an exp child that matches the element (color) of the child you're leveling up grants bonus xp.
Awakening uses onyx. it opens a mini story line for the child and also gives stat bonuses. It also unlocks some voice lines. Reaching S rank awakening also unlocks a minor skin change for the Child. You have to hit certain minimum level requirements to unlock B tier and S tier. I Think the child story is always unlocked in 3 parts: at D, B and S tiers. A 3β˜† child takes 36,000 onyx total to hit S tier, a 5β˜† child costs 152,000. Reaching S tier allows you equip an accessory on the child (this is a type of equipment) and fully completing the awakening tree allows you to equip a soul carta on the child. Soul Carta are special equipment that you also have to summon, but they can provide huge stat bonuses. (if you're brand new to the game, I wouldn't worry about Carta too much just yet)
Next system is Evolution. You can evolve a child when she hits max level. (30 for 3β˜†, lvl 40 for 4β˜†, and lvl 50 for 5β˜†) Evolution uses special element type crystals as evolution materials. These can be farmed in the night world evolution material daily stages. It requires 10 level 5 element "diamonds" to evolve one of your 5β˜†s to 6β˜†. It may take several weeks to collect those diamonds at first. You also need to consume a number of childs matching the star rarity level of the child you're evolving (you can't use exp childs for this). So to evolve a 3β˜† child you need to level her up to 30, then you need any 3 random 3β˜† childs (ANY, the element type of consumed childs does not matter), and you'll need a bunch of evolution materials that DO match the element type of the child you're evolving. When you have all that, you can evolve the child. She becomes a 4 star child! Her max level increases to 40! And you can uncap her to +4 (a 3β˜†'s max uncap is +3 before evolving), however she'll also become level 1 again, and you'll have to start leveling from the bottom again (but her stats just build, so they're higher a 4β˜†-lv1 than at 3β˜†-lv30). You can perform this process again to evolve her a second time once she hits lvl 40, and a 3rd time at lvl 50. 6 stars is max evolution for any child, regardless of it's base native star level.
There are special "material" type childs that are intended to be used for evolution. These material childs are all fire type. to Evolve a 5β˜† child into a 6β˜†, you need to consume 5 other 5β˜† childs. 5β˜† childs are pretty valuable and rare so the game has these material guys as a sort of wildcard child for that. They're called "Big Aurora Hearts" and they also look like blob/slime creatures, very similar to the exp childs. There are 4β˜† and even 3β˜† material childs as well (also fire type). People sometimes evolve these 4β˜† material childs to make 1 5β˜† material child to then use it as fodder for evolving their "real" 5β˜†s. Because of this, lower tier fire evolution materials are considered more valuable than other elements. It is considered highly inadvisable to ever use your "real" 5β˜† childs for evolution fodder. You should save those for uncapping, making ignition cores, or for converting into a different 5β˜†s in the house of reincarnation.
Ignition is the final child improvement method and it's considered end-game content, so you probably wont need to worry about it for quite a while. to fully ignite a 5β˜† child you need to consume 17 native 5β˜† childs, which is insane, so really don't worry about it for now, but I'll explain the process. First you consume 1 "real" 5β˜† child and 99 ignition materials to make a "core". Then you attach that core to a lvl 60 6β˜† child you want to ignite. Once it's attached you then can "level up" that attached core. To lvl up a core you use more cores (which also are made from 5β˜†s) along with additional "real" native 5β˜† childs as fodder. Really, don't worry about ignition for a while, it's end-game content; just focus on leveling up, uncapping, and evolving your better childs.

SUMMONING - Dear lord, there are a LOT of banners Summons were pretty confusing to me as a new player. There are so. many. banners. hahaha.
First of all, the standard probability of getting a 5β˜† child for ALL of these banners is 3%. This means that in a normal 2700 gem 10-pull you have around a 25% of getting a 5β˜† child (10 pulls at 3% chance per pull). All banners have this same 2700 gem cost, and the same 3% 5β˜† drop rate. The only exceptions are the 6% banner, and the Coin Banner (which I'll discuss below). Other than those 2 exceptions, the only difference between all the other banners is which specific 5β˜† childs might drop within your 3% chance.
These are the 3 standard banners that are always available.

  1. The 6% banner gives about a 50% chance (10 pulls at 6%) at any random 5β˜† within the child pool. It can only be used once a day.
  2. The coin banner is available thrice daily, it only has a 1% 5β˜† rate but it's much easier to gather coins than gems. The coin banner also give 1β˜† and 2β˜† childs (no other banners do). The 2β˜†s can be useful for gem farming in adventure mode. (explained in the farming section)
  3. The "premium summon banner" has the standard a 3% chance. This banner where you get your single free daily child summon. You should basically never spend gems here ever when the 6% banner is available, and event banners are running.
So what abut the event banners? Read on...
When a new child comes out there's usually at least 2 event banners for it. One is a "guarantee" banner. There is a guarantee banner for Water Arhat right now (January 2022). This has the standard 3% 5β˜† drop rate, but that 5β˜† is guaranteed to be the event child, she's the only child in the pool. These guarantee banners often have a pity system built in where you get the child as a "mission pass" reward after your 15th 10-pull (the mission pass also gives pity gems and spa skins after 5 tries and 10 tries). Once you pull the guaranteed child from the banner, the banner locks, and you'll be unable to pursue any further pity rewards. So getting the child on your 14th 10-pull is actually considered the worst possible luck for these.
Generally at the same time as a guarantee banner, there is also a % increase banner for that same child. This usually ends after 4 days, and has already ended for Water Arhat. This banner is meant to be used after you have already secured the child from the guarantee banner. Its for getting more copies of the same child to uncap her. You need the child herself and then 6 additional copies for full uncap. There is a 1% chance at the banner child (so 1% banner child + 2% any random 5β˜† = a 3% total 5β˜† chance). Even at only 1%, this is still the best way to get uncap copies of an event child, even though you only have a 9.5% chance per 10-pull (with an additional 15.5% chance at any other rando 5β˜†). Don't worry about chasing uncap copies as a new player. This is usually for more veteran players who already have many childs at high uncap. The current Caduceus "pickup banner" works this way.
Often, if there are 2 event childs, there's also a split rate-up banner. This offers the standard 3% 5β˜† chance. The odds are 0.75% Child A, 0.75% child B and 1.5% chance at some other random 5β˜†. There is no such banner for the current event.
In addition to the "new child" banners, they often have special banners that will offer a collection of specific childs (usually the selection provided is meant to be useful for the current events, but not always). These reduce the 5β˜† pool down to the 4 featured childs. Right now there are 2 such banners that give strong water type childs for battling the current raid boss. (the specific childs also provide a "buster bonus" in the ragna Burst, but that's getting into raid systems)
Finally right now there is also a fire type child banner. This is just like the standard 3% banner, but limits the pool to only fire type childs. It's not considered a good investment, and you're better using the 6% banner.
Limited Availability?
In Destiny Child, outside of collab events, there is no concept of limited child availability. Every child is added to the general pool after the event, but the rate-up banner might never come again. As a new player myself (about 4 months), I do the guarantee banners for the new childs as they come out, but generally skip chasing uncap copies. I think it's pretty common consensus that a new player's gems are better spent at the 6% daily unless you REALLY want full uncaps.
But, don't i NEED uncap copies?
Some people might really despair (like I did initially) about getting uncap copies, so I want to talk about it a bit. The importance of uncapping differs from child to child, but it can be important sometimes. That said, even childs with no uncaps are often SUPER useful, and will be a primary member of your squad. For example, when I started the game you could get 6 copies of Tamamo as new player rewards (you should have gotten her too, it required daily tasks). That's enough copies to make her +5. Even at +5 she is nowhere CLOSE to as useful as the +0 Light Dana the game gives you at the start. (I think you get her as a level up reward when you hit player level 50 or 60, I forget). Really don't worry about the uncaps too much. You'll have a strong squad after a few events, and you'll get uncaps for the rest of your roster slowly.
Gem Strategy
Personally I try to keep around 50-55k gems in reserve to chase any banner childs that might be useful for events. During events I drop down to 25-30k after summons. When I save back up, I spend the gems I accrue past 60k that on the 6% banner. This most recent event I went down to 5K gems chasing uncap copies and I feel foolish, hahaha.
FARMING Many games have rare drops on some map levels, so you play it a million times hoping to get this "drop-only" unit. There is nothing like that in DC. There are 2 or 3 childs that you get as initial clear rewards of some story maps, but those rewards are guaranteed, no RNG involved. "Farming" is for XP or for low level materials that you'll consume to upgrade childs or equipment.
here is a farming guide:

Gem Farming. Unlike most games, you can farm for gems in DC (somewhat). When a child hits it's max level, the game gives you gems and gold as a reward. (1β˜†s do not give gems) You can use the "Adventure" section of the night world to level up your 2β˜† childs. It takes 19 hours of "adventuring" (12+6+1) for a 2β˜† to hit level 20. You then get 20 gems! If you FILL the adventure with 2β˜†s, you can earn 500 gems a day. You then consume those lvl20 2β˜†s for onyx and repeat the process with a new set of 2β˜†s. This requires a bunch of child slots, and you have to "farm" the 2 stars from story missions. Some people try to farm their 2β˜†s during "Hot Time" on the weekend for the double XP, and then use them over the course of the week.
I don't entirely fill my adventure section every day, but I try to. An extra 3500 gems is a lot.

Soul Carta What are Soul Carta? They really just equipment, but they have to be summoned (either with gems or summoning tickets). The "Equipment" tab in the summoning section of the game is for Soul Carta. It's 1350 gems for a 10-pull. A Soul Carta will provide a boost to 2 stats, and also provide a special perk. Carta have a star rarity level, but no letter "grading" like normal gear.
Sometimes a Carta's perk may be universally useful like "Debuff Evasion +10% when Equipped", or the perk may only apply if the Carta is equipped by a specific type of child in a specific game mode like "Water type: Increase slide skill crit damage by 4000 in raids". The Stat bonus and perk are always exactly the same for a given Carta upon summoning it.
Carta really are just like any other but equipment, but they are leveled up along 2 parallel "tracks"; normal enhancement level, and soul enhancement. Normal enhancement is done by feeding the carta any other equipment (weapons, armor, or accessories). This will increase the stat bonuses the Carta provides.
Soul Enhancement can only be done by feeding the carta other soul carta. This will increase both the stats AND the bonuses provided by the Carta's "perk". If you do a Carta summoning you get a TON of 3β˜† carta, so can feed them to your 5β˜† carta. There is also a 5β˜† soul carta called "Galaxy Napping Place" that is meant to be used only as a consumable item for Soul Enhancing your other 5β˜† Carta.
As a new player, don't summon Soul Carta for a few weeks. You might get a few 5β˜† Carta Summon tickets as event rewards. Those are great to use, but for now save your gems for Child Summonings.
Other general tips Trust me, don't worry about collecting 3β˜† and 4β˜† childs. If you play daily, you'll likely summon enough of every 3β˜† and 4β˜† to fully uncap ALL of them within 6-8 months. Raid events give loads of 4β˜† summon tickets. 5β˜†s take a lot longer because there are so many of them and they're also harder to come by, but the game is amazingly generous. It gives a guaranteed 5β˜† summon every week through the free track of the devil pass, and events grant tons more.
To discuss a child online you usually just need her name, and her element like "Fire Bathory" or "Water Mafdet", but sometimes you might also need her class or her base star level. For example, Titania is a light type attacker. There is a native 4β˜† version of her and a native 5β˜† version as well; both are light attackers. Right now (January 2022) the native 4β˜† Titania is available from Lisa'a Extra Lessons, but you get her already evolved up to 6β˜†s. (we explained how evolution works above) So even though your light attacker Titania is evolved up to 6β˜†s, you'd still refer to her as "my 4β˜† Titania." It's not usually very difficult to figure out which child someone is referring to, and I might be over-explaining here, but I was super confused by "multiple childs with the same name" my first week.
Anyway, wow that's a LOT, hahah. Hopefully this helps someone out there. The game has fan service for DAYS, is crazy generous to free players, has a fully voiced main story, and has some neat game mechanisms in the events. Have fun!
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2022.01.24 06:57 bluegreen1805 It's 3am, I should be studying cuz i have an exam but I can't stop thinking how cute my bf is. How do I go back to studying?

He has an exam too but he already studied and slept. He's literally the definition of perfection, can't wait to cuddle and kiss him after our midterm.
I don't wanna study honestly just keep thinking about him until we meet again, can someone bully me to go back to studying?
I hate uni :/ force me to watch some bald old guy speaking nonsense over thinking about my handsome prince :(((
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2022.01.24 06:57 mcloaf One of the nicer Nomad skin, all I need is a nice car and something to remove the bag

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2022.01.24 06:57 lacagm Scene has been dead without Top5

Who else misses top5s lives they too entertaining
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2022.01.24 06:57 Long-Profession2775 items

hey can i transfer my items to other player in this game?
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2022.01.24 06:57 Distinct_Manager1728 Gratis discord

Free: https://discord.gg/RhuvU9ZCdA
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2022.01.24 06:57 TheSaneJudge Applying For Birth Certificate when you are an Adult in Bengaluru, Karnataka. How to go about it?

How to apply for Birth Certificate in Bengaluru when you are above 30+ yrs old? Is there any Online Services or any places that one can visit and get them? Will they give multiple copies?
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2022.01.24 06:57 Nebel_David Schwieriges Lebben 😒

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2022.01.24 06:57 athl_dickson Acceptance of cocotb

Hi everyone, Recently I came across cocotb - this is basically using python for verification. I was curious to know about how well this has been accepted across organizations for actually building testbenches to verify their designs.
I'd also like to know the future of this and what would happen to SV+UVM
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2022.01.24 06:57 TheSmircs 🚨NEW DROP🚨 COMING THIS FRIDAY! DONT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO PICK UP A FREE SMIRCS IN OUR CONTEST! πŸ˜―πŸ‘‡ (details below must follow rules to participates)

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2022.01.24 06:57 Green_Valuable_635 Korea International School e.g. Jeju

Hi everyone,
What is the pay scale at Korean international schools? Do they normally match what you earn from your previous school?
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2022.01.24 06:57 SupersonicSandwich GPS lat/long getting rounded when stored as floats

I need to mess about with GPS coordinates a lot in Godot, but when I store them as floats, they seem to be getting rounded. here's my test gdscript:
var userLat: float = 51.5112717;
var userLong: float = -0.5906311;
func _ready():

`print(str(userLat).pad_decimals(8));` `print(userLat);` `print(str(userLong).pad_decimals(8));` `print(userLong);` 

heres the output:

the pad_decimals calls are just to check the toString method isn't truncating digits.
I would expect that 51.5112717 should be 51.5112717, not 51.511272. I've read online that a float is equivalent to the double type in C, but this doesn't seem to be the case.
Does anyone know how I can store and retrieve doubles like this in gdscript?
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2022.01.24 06:57 SenatusSPQR How a falling price speeds up Bitcoin's centralization, making it increasingly less secure and increasing the chance of 51% attacks

Tl;dr: When Bitcoin price drops, mostly smaller miners become unprofitable, dropping out, increasing centralisation.
Bitcoin miners use ASICs and energy to generate hashpower. This hashpower is used to secure the Bitcoin chain. For miners, more hashpower = more revenue because the Bitcoin they mine is now worth more (for more basic info).
Generally speaking, a higher Bitcoin price leads to more investment in mining equipment. This makes sense, a larger revenue pool means a larger pie to fight over, making a larger cost potentially still worth it. At the same time, not all miners are created equal. Some miners are bigger than others. They have advantages, more commonly known as economies of scale. Access to cheaper capital, cheaper maintenance, discounts for buying in bulk.
In other words, with equal revenue, big miners' profit is higher than that of small miners. The Bitcoin price for them to reach break-even is lower. With higher profit, they can reinvest more, leading to centralization of hashrate over time. Nevertheless, in times of rising prices, small miners lacking economies of scale might still be profitable, though less so than big ones.
But what happens when prices drop? The first ones to no longer be able to mine profitably or even break even will be the least efficient miners. These tend to be the smaller miners. In other words, these price declines are a cleansing of sorts - mostly of smaller miners.
At this point the problem should be apparent. When price goes up, centralization slowly increases. When price goes down, this is exacerbated.
This is not just a theoretical exercise. A great paper by Igor Makarov and Antoinette Schoar looks into this exact question.
Aside from their interesting finding that an upper estimate of 50 miners already control ~50% of hashpower, they find that "the risk of a 51% attack increases in times when the Bitcoin price drops precipitously or following halving events."
There is plenty of other proof that mining is already highly centralized, which should be worrying to anyone that sees Bitcoin as a store of value. See for example this paper on miner collusion and this paper on centralization within mining pools.
I'm not saying this is the end of crypto (I'm a crypto bull myself), but it definitely doesn't bode well for Bitcoin. Without utility to offer outside of being a store of value, and with security decreasing over time, the future of Bitcoin looks bleak at best.
None of this means that number won't go up. It might. These are speculative markets. But for anyone interested in the long-term future of crypto, I'd recommend looking into these fundamentals and forming your own opinion on it.
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2022.01.24 06:57 Nihilist911 According to the New York Times, the United States is considering sending thousands of troops to Eastern Europe. "Options include sending 1,000 to 5,000 troops to Eastern European countries, with the potential to increase that number tenfold if things deteriorate."

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2022.01.24 06:57 unforgivenxile How's this for a SBIH headshot...

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2022.01.24 06:57 thecursedheart Hello Reddit I have an ascending aortic aneurysm, I would like to know the experience of those who survived the operation with such a diagnosis I just somehow feel uncomfortable. In addition I have several heart defects since birth.transposition of the great vessels with a ventricular septal defect

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2022.01.24 06:57 Silasdss Typhlosion 3926 6674 0950

Adding up to five. Starts in 5 minutes
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2022.01.24 06:57 IronboundElk Need help finding an app.

I had an app installed recently that was a donut icon with a couple of colours in it. It allowed me to tap on it and it would open a small menu where if I pressed one letter it would show all my apps starting with that letter.
Can't remember the name of the app and can't find it in my history of apps downloaded.
It also had an option to watch a short video to get a theme for it.
Any help is appreciated.
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2022.01.24 06:57 tomtom_94 [RLCS EU] Winter Regional 1 was full of surprises

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