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Recherche traduction mots 19e s.

2022.01.24 06:58 SloupeC Recherche traduction mots 19e s.

Bonjour à tous,
Je cherche une traduction, ou plutôt devrait-on dire une équivalence, pour les deux termes suivants (qui pour moi sont à peu près synonymes) : Époque victorienne et Steampunk.
Cela décrit donc des ambiances fin XIXe siècle (réel ou fantasmé). Époque second Empire ou * Époque troisième République, je trouve que ça sonne assez mal, sans parler du ridicule *Punk à vapeur. Et je ne connais pas d’équivalent officiel.
Donc toutes idées bienvenues, sérieuses et aussi loufoques qui pourraient aboutir à un bon résultat.
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2022.01.24 06:58 piplinkn #UAE announces 2,629 new #COVID19 cases, 1,115 recoveries and 5 deaths in last 24 hours

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2022.01.24 06:58 nkmr205 I'm sure you guys will like this music video!

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2022.01.24 06:58 Kaboodle18 TESE Success Stories

Preparing for my TESE after a failed cycle. Looking for success stories please! Would really help
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2022.01.24 06:58 Amazing-Design-7509 Is it ok to date someone when you know your friend likes you?

Let me offer some context, I (F23) haven’t gone on a date in 2 years since the pandemic started. The pandemic also happened to be just before I came out as a lesbian and I also just got out of long-term relationship. During this time, I didn’t even think of dating due to mental health. However, I started liking a friend (F22) and they started to like me back. I only recently moved to the same town they lived in but nothing has happened between us. Only unspoken promises of going on a date someday. I decided to download dating apps for the first time in forever and met someone else who I like. I agreed to go on a date with them but I am not scared of backlash from my friend. What should I do? Should I go on the date?
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2022.01.24 06:58 babybopp I would never date someone who has __________________

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2022.01.24 06:58 GhostTrainHazeX1 3080 Strix EK active Waterblocked for sale 2000$

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2022.01.24 06:58 Kebabrulle4869 Just yesterday hit my all-time Rubik’s cube goal of a sub-10 second solve! It took more than 6 years and 6300 recorded times, but I finally got my dream time of 9.90. Don’t really have anyone to tell it to so here I am :)))))

Just yesterday hit my all-time Rubik’s cube goal of a sub-10 second solve! It took more than 6 years and 6300 recorded times, but I finally got my dream time of 9.90. Don’t really have anyone to tell it to so here I am :))))) submitted by Kebabrulle4869 to toastme [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 06:58 NewsCryptocurrency Top Cryptocurrencies for 2018: What Are the Best Bitcoin Alternatives?

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2022.01.24 06:58 jobsinanywhere Yield Farming EP-1 | 5 Different Ways to GROW CRYPTO

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2022.01.24 06:58 BenIAltI One More Soul to the Call

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2022.01.24 06:58 Youpiter08 Debbie

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2022.01.24 06:58 The_redswagger Wait what!?

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2022.01.24 06:58 weekendzombie This is singlehandedly one of the greatest lines I’ve ever been given the chance to read in an anime

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2022.01.24 06:58 mrstipez Biden weighs deploying thousands of troops to Eastern Europe and Baltics

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2022.01.24 06:58 Seuteo Lf friend

Am 37 at age Looking for a friend you can talk about everything and dont judge. And play some games with.
Am kinda oldschool So like games like 2d and souls games.dont play fps. Played dbd since 2018. But takeing a break from that atm.
Dont care if you m/f Just aslong we can share life and games.
If someone is out there plz pm me. 😊
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2022.01.24 06:58 ZoolShop John Stockton's refusal to comply with masks mandate sees season ticket to Gonzaga games revoked

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2022.01.24 06:58 peachzen1 [Academic] Digital Social Conformity and Decision-Making (Everyone)

Hello! I need your help for this survey. Everyone who owns a social media account is welcome to answer, regardless of age or gender.
This survey has only 12 questions and only takes less than 5 minutes to answer.
Thanks a lot!
Digital Social Conformity and Decision-Making Survey
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2022.01.24 06:58 Kuningazz Renekton Sounds

Hey guys, a little while back they did a VGU update for Renekton and replaced some of the old sound effects and visuals.
Most of these changes were good, like changing the W, E, and R especially are amazing compared to the old ones. But I really miss the old thunder sound upon hitting fury thresholds, and the old Q sound was just plain better.
Anybody agree with me on this one?
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2022.01.24 06:58 Itsfr3sh Is this Jeep worth the price?

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2022.01.24 06:58 Beautiful_Fishing569 thanks TSA

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2022.01.24 06:58 Cyr1us Le top 5 des meilleures ventes de la semaine en France (S02 2022)

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2022.01.24 06:58 Fanse1321 Can someone tell me the song title of this song and artist? It really reflects my current situation.

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2022.01.24 06:58 barefootkitchengirl Peed in the kitchen

Ugh I guess there’s nowhere good on Reddit to post this but it’s midnight and what the heck plus I already I scheduled an appointment with my psychiatrist for later today at 2pm and don’t want to vent to him.
My boyfriend is otherworldly he just doesn’t belong on this planet, I mean he is part alien and must be smart enough to figure his own way through the galaxy without me right?
But all that charming also comes with its own negatives, emotions and red flags that I just don’t know how to handle. Like I feel like I’m dealing with a fictitious character half the time, and the other half I feel like I’ve known the guy my whole life.
Last night just was not fair for me. I take care of a 3month old all by myself and exclusively breastfeed so she’s practically attached to me. Even peeing by myself literally has been a luxury since I came home from the hospital. And honestly that’s fine I’m a new mom, I’m clingy, and I also was reccomended not getting pregnant again because my liver was failing during my pregnancy so basically unless Jesus come as down and blesses me with a new body I’m probably going to stay away from having more. Which is sooo sad for me because I always wanted two kids.
So I’m here to vent about tonight. I’m a year sober from alcohol actually this month. And coincidentally its also the month my boyfriend decided to start drinking again. He completely quit during our breakup in March or April, I broke up with him because he was working long distance and he didn’t wish me or his mom a happy Mother’s Day and then this whole thing with him getting catfished by my gay friend. You know typical p.o.s. Cis white men trash stuff you see on YouTube. Whatever. I had a crazy pregnancy with everything triggering me and sending me off the tracks. My car breaks down 600 bucks, my apartment doesn’t have ac 600 bucks and a week in 80+ degree weather with no escape because outside was worse, college 600 bucks down the drain for books, cooking for myself when I don’t want to eat with a huge belly, my mom keeping the crib she gifted me at my baby shower “because she bought it” and literally crying on the floor for days on end from emotional pain, finding out that pain was real and my liver was failing, getting a call one day to find out I would be induced the next day, and finally not calling my babies father when I was going into labor because not only could I sincerely not even think of him at all but the fact that he yelled at me a week earlier in the pregnancy ward and honestly I wanted to save myself the headache of having him there and having it all go down on the actual day of my daughters birth.
Phew I really needed to vent I guess.
But tonight, seems kind of silly now like why am I still here, but tonight, he gets off of work and I’m taking care of my baby like normal. I’ve been experiencing burnout a lot after having a baby and I know it’s okay. Some days I don’t even get out of bed for hours but it’s okay because I got my little one taken care of and I don’t mind moving a little slower because slow and steady finishes the race baby. But anyways he gets off the bus from work and he comes in and he’s going on about “where did you go today” “is somebody in the apartment I heard voices” and he’s literally looking around suspiciously and I just couldn’t help but smirk honestly I was thinking I guess he’s jealous but idk what of. If I try as hard as possibly I could only think of two men I’ve talked to in the last year and whatever. Then I tell him how he should just understand that I’m an artist and I stay at home alot of the times instead of forcing myself to be around fake friends at the bar. And I also remind him, “my love, I just wanted to remind you that it’s not MY job to clean up my apartment alone when you’re staying here” because I may be suffering from post partum depression and he knows that because the doctor looked him in the face and was like, you could be helping more.
He agrees and I say my peace which is like two things I wanted him to help with chores-wise since I really only had the energy to stretch for 20 minutes today and the time for I think I had a banana and three cups of water so no time to cook or do dishes or do laundry or mop the floors none of that. I just need him to keep his “area” clean which is literally just piles of clothes all over my apartment and the toiletries he thinks he can store on the sink and never put away even if I give him space in the cabinet. The kitchen messes he NEVER cleans up because one relationship they decided if one cooks then one cleans but he just basically forced this concept of living on me like PERSONALLY I think if you cook you should do some dishes there while the other is getting their plate I mean it feels good for me and I want a partner who feels the same and it’s just sad that I never even got a chance to have the conversation with him about that it just gets carbon copy and pasted from his previous experiences UGH ANYWAYS
He decided to start drinking. So it’s 9 and we usually sit down to watch a show or movie together wile I breastfeed her final intentional meal… I’ve been noticing he’s literally hiding how much he’s drinking, holding the tiny shots in his fist and drinking it when he thinks I am not looking and or pouring it in something I am not used to. I understand pouring a show in a root beer or a shot in a Minute Maid lemonade but I caught him pouring shots into a white claw to make it look like, you guessed it “only one beer” I’m starting to get nervous and I went outside and smoked a cigarette and literally mouthed “I’m getting nervous” over and over until I said it out loud, just loud enough to hear and then he peered through the blinds.
So as the night goes on he gets louder and more uncontrollable, he’s slamming things down on the table where he has his gaming setup. I would let him have another room to game besides my kitchen table but he completely takes over wherever he puts up a screen, in front of it behind it, all around, his clothes will pile, weed will accumulate, beer bottles and shots will litter a literal radius of that Xbox. So I put him in the kitchen so I can sweep up after him, like a pig.
It’s 8:30 and he starts making dinner It’s 8:45 when I come out to check on how he’s doing and nothing is started yet It’s 9:00 when I come out to do it myself I tease him about wasting food and end up apologizing because he is sometimes forgetful and seemed to have forgotten that the stove was on and that he burnt up 3 tbs of my organic raw butter that I eat for me and baby, butter he refuses to buy on his own.
He “borrows” 7 dollars from me. He said he needed money for the dollar store for butter but I said fine I’ll send you with a dollar, then he said he needed money for cigs, then I said no I’m sorry I can’t pay for your cigs and didn’t you just get paid a week ago? And then he said fine gas. And I said okay here’s 5 dollars. And he legit looked so puzzled but now I realize he was drunk so it’s not like I was putting a boundary for myself, it wasn’t factually a win because he isn’t even going to remember this in the morning.
Then he comes back and I’m in the middle of making spaghetti and meatballs with fried zucchini and he walks over to me and picks up the pot of sauce and slams it into the burner, damaging it and splattering hot pasta sauce all over me and my kitchen. I start crying because I could have been holding the baby and sometimes I do when I cook but I’m very careful and I’d never do something like that and al he said was that the burner was looking uneven so he had to idk put it back in place….
I’m so bothered. He spends the rest of the night acting like his boys are “embarrassed” for him because of me literally were getting loud and he completely dismisses my argument by saying “well my friends don’t need to hear this so shut the fuck up” and “I WORK I shouldn’t have to listen to you too”
Bruh honestly I can’t wait to tell you the last of it.
Here’s where it gets interesting, I take my daughter to my bedroom and I try my best to put her to sleep, poor thing is already being brought up in a family that was built on lies and manipulating and just overall Mooshi her by her father. But when I do get her to slee I walk out to check on him and he’s passed out with his head on the dinner table where I let him play video games. I’m like wow I’m so self centered for making him play out here basically in the kitchen but then I look at my sleeping baby and I’m like hell nah she wouldn’t ever get this good of rest if he was in my tiny bedroom all hours of the night. I go back to my room go lay down, and he comes in shortly after and I had no idea how drunk he was. I he gets up rolls out of bed at this point I turn on my camera because lately he has been sleep walking and doing weird shit like peeing in my shower and one time he tried to smash into my tv and walk out of my window and for reference I’m on the second story and I’m 5’2 and honestly I wanted to kick him so hard but lucky my huge flatscreen and window were not broken lol.
Get this he owes in my kitchen! Oh no a new mother suffering from no job, burnout, and an eating disorder essentially, and I gotta pick up THIS ASSHOLES PEE. Dude waits around for me to get a towel, and when I start cleaning it up and I’m taking to him too I think he’s totally there, nope he just starts wiping it across the whole kitchen and he makes sure to wipe the corners of the room and on the table, and then goes to stash the towel. I’m fucking crying because the baby’s awake and he’s telling me to fuck off and I just can’t take it. I follow him in to the room and I let out a scream because he crawls into my bed with pee soaked pants and wraps himself in all of my blankets. I just sit on the floor and turn on my recorder because this is literally making me feel sooo horrible. this guy yells at me to shut up and I tell him I can’t and I’m gonna need him to sleep on the couch since he won’t change out of his clothes. He hits my phone out of my hands, mind you he’s supposed to be black out drunk not “an asshole who’s camera shy drunk” and I didn’t tell him I was recording I use my phone for light all the time and it just looked like I was using the flash light. He tells me to “pack your things and get out” and “next customer please” And that’s the last straw for me because right don’t even say that when he said it I saw every other ex boyfriend who used me for monetary gain and I’ve had enough so yeah that’s me venting on the many many many reasons I’m going to have to break up with this guy I’ve been crushing on for literally half of my life only to find out I have no idea what’s really going on inside him and I never will because he is a complicated beastie but maybe that should stay the fuck away from me because I’m not doing so hot either. Welcome to my red talk.
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2022.01.24 06:58 LifeMathMoney If you don't believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to?

If you don't believe in yourself how can you expect anyone else to?
by LifeMathMoney
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