$ATC So easy to trade with the Short / Buy signals. Register for 7-Day Trial Access at https://t.co/4iPw4wGRcw https://t.co/SKbub4jq1q

2021.11.30 19:36 ShortAlgo $ATC So easy to trade with the Short / Buy signals. Register for 7-Day Trial Access at https://t.co/4iPw4wGRcw https://t.co/SKbub4jq1q

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2021.11.30 19:36 kawaviiking pls help

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2021.11.30 19:36 Final_Investigator87 RECOMMENDATIONS FOR PLANTS TO FILL IN MY TANK

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2021.11.30 19:36 usiwkeiekeiek Willing to do cum tributes for the first 10 people to dm me.

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2021.11.30 19:36 wokenrage Gyen back trading on CB

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2021.11.30 19:36 DanielaBorba Questionário

Boa noite!
Para fins académicos estamos a realizar um trabalho que incide na influência do neuromarketing nos maços de tabaco.
O questionário está estruturado para ser respondido por antigos/atuais fumadores, pelo que se não se encaixar nesta descrição, por favor não responda.
A sua resposta é anónima e confidencial. O tempo médio de resposta é 5 minutos
Agradecemos a sua colaboração na realização deste estudo. :)
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2021.11.30 19:36 ginggonggod when uchia kid gets sharingan

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2021.11.30 19:36 dix1067 “My hero since college” Lol

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2021.11.30 19:36 sesoyez Wolastoqey chiefs add forestry companies to title claim case

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2021.11.30 19:36 DatNewbie001 Time to DRS 100% even the IRA!

Ok so long time lurker here, and after today’s big fidelity “ooomph” I got on the phone with customer service and found out Some info that might help some apes like myself.
Obligatory disclaimer: this post and the info within is not financial, legal, tax, nutrition, sexual or even general advice. Please don’t take my word for anything call and ask for yourself and then decide what is right for you.
So I have about a 50/50 split with regular and IRA shares and have been waiting on getting my IRA to computershare well today I took the dive but not in the custodial way. I transferred all my IRA shares to my regular account and the rep from fidelity made sure that I was aware of the tax consequences namely that I “ will have to pay tax on my “GAINZ” from that account” and they should settle in my regular trading account instantly but their system wouldn’t start the transfer just 2 mins after the transferred shares showed up in my account she asked if it was ok if I called back tomorrow to make sure they settled before I transfer to computershare So sense I did not have any gains in my IRA account that was a minimal tax consequence on my part.
TA:DR it’s possible to transfer IRA shares to your individual account and then DRS your shares but you will have to pay tax on the gains at time of transfer out of IRA and it may take a day for their system to allow the shares to transfer out to DRS
This method was ok and right for me individually and I am ok with the consequences of my actions you should decide what you want to do
I will update tomorrow if the transfer to computershare is initiated as expected
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2021.11.30 19:36 _anxete New to pauper(kind of)

Hi there
Ok, so the tittle talks by itself. I'm new-ish to this format. I currently have monoB control(ask for the list if interested), but only one friend of mine plays pauper (wich he really likes and fills me with joy knowing he loves it that much) and it's been like 3 years playing the same deck or asking him if he can borrow me one.
I've been digging on MTGGoldfish's pauper metagame section and found these 3 decks I liked and thought could be fun to play: Infect, Turbo Fog and Affinity.
I'm going to modify the lists a bit to adjust them to my personal preferences, specifically Infect because of the [[Lotus Petals]] wich I can't afford ATM.
The question is; wich one do you recomend me the most? I've already seen Infect and Affinity on Modern and think they are cool, but TurboFog seems interesting and I can't decide myself.
Thanks for the advice :)
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2021.11.30 19:36 Cyberwiz91 Anyone recognize these?? 😏

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2021.11.30 19:36 secretlyalive Just finished my first playthrough of chapter 9!!! Sooo many deaths but I feel accomplished

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2021.11.30 19:36 HypotheticalSurgent Realistic Sigourney Weaver mannequin used in the "Alien" series

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2021.11.30 19:36 gliese1337 Tjugem Numeral System

Janko asked me for numbers, so I went and made numbers... and then I lost track of which social media messaging system that request came through, so... Janko, I hope you see this!
The numeral system of Tjugem is mathematically boring. Just a regular-ol', straightforward base 10, but how the digits combine lets me show off some morphology. So, here we go!
These are the basic roots for cardinal numbers:
0 bja(q) 1 kja- 2 twa- (the transcription here was completely coincidental; keep in mind that, as Tjugem is a whistled language, this actually sounds nothing like /twa/ or English "two") 3 tii- 4 tuu- 5 pii- 6 duu- 7 kii- 8 buu- 9 gwa- 10 tju- 100 tjutju- 10^(3x) -kjan
Note that all of them are incomplete stems requiring suffixes (except for the one that is a suffix). Zero, being weird, is lexically specified for a suffix when it occurs on its own. Everything else, when used in isolation, will have the default, unwritten, non-phonemic k--but, when combined, will take an acute suffix to indicate that it is an intermediate digit, or a grave suffix to indicate that it is the final digit. A final zero is always replaced by a multiple of ten, 100, or 1000, but the intermediate form is ; for all other digits, the intermediate suffix is <-t>, and final suffix is <-p>.
Number 11 through 19 use the intermediate form of 10 followed by the final form of the digit:
11 tjut kjap 12 tjut twap etc.
For the numbers 20 through ninety, the multiplier is directly prefixed to the root for 10:
20 twatjup - 21 twatjut kjap - 22 twatjut twap, etc. 30 tiitjup 40 tuutjup etc.
And a similar pattern repeats for 100 through 999:
101 tjutjut kjap 111 tjutjut tjut kjap happens to be incredibly acoustically similar to ... so it's a good thing that that doesn't mean anything, and there is an entirely different expression for 1000.
999 gwatjutjut gwatjut gwap
1000 is , which follows a general pattern of the structure referring to 10 to the power of 3x. Thus, is 1 million, is 1 billion, etc. Numbers up to 999 can be listed before one of these exponent markers (with the intermediate suffix on the unit!) to get the leading digits between 1000 and 1 million, etc. Thus,
732 thousand = kiitjutju tiitjut twat kjakjan
After an exponent marker, however, intermediate digits are simply listed in order until you get down to hundreds. (This is where intermediate zeroes can come into play.) However, a string of zeros in between a non-zero digit and an expression with an explicit exponent (something with -kjan or a hundreds or tens designator), or a long string of final zeros, can be omitted.
2,203,052 = twat twakjan twat bjan tii [bjan] piitjut twap 7,040,000 = kiit twakjan bjan tuup [bjan bjan bjan bjan]
To indicate a final digit with no tens or hundreds specified, append the conjunctive clitic (k)en:
4,000,000,007 tuut tiikjan kiiken (4 billion and 7)
This works for numbers up to 1 decillion - 1... and I think it is reasonable to assume that most people can get by just fine without needing to refer to larger numbers in everyday life, so some sort of technical notation for things outside that range would be devised and otherwise we won't worry about it!
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2021.11.30 19:36 HarveyFC3 PC LAN Fire Team

I've been unsuccessful at being able to play Halo with my son. Whoever is Fireteam Leader can join a match without issue, but the second player gets kicked and given the message "Multiplayer Not Available". Both PCs will connect and play solo, but the issue is when we try to join the same match. Has anyone found a work-around?
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2021.11.30 19:36 PsychoSquid I typed Joshua Sex Pest Duggar into an AI that makes art and this is what it generated

I typed Joshua Sex Pest Duggar into an AI that makes art and this is what it generated
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2021.11.30 19:36 mtlnobody Advice on cork underlayment

Context: I have a kitchen with a plywood subfloor. One of the panels is slightly taller than the others (less than 1/16 inch). I am planning on putting down cork underlayment before laying tile on top.
I have two questions: - Will the cork be able to cover the lifted section? - Is this a good underlayment option for tile?
Sorry if these are obvious but I'm extremely new to all of this
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2021.11.30 19:36 PrestigiousStart1020 Has anyone tried morientes and fb Benzema ?

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2021.11.30 19:36 nimobo Celebrity surgeon Dr. Oz running for Senate in Pennsylvania

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2021.11.30 19:36 Early_Hovercraft_135 I’m sure y’all seen it by now.

I’ve been in AMC since June, with a sick ass average. Since then, I jumped into the stink that can’t be mentioned, while averaging down here. The one that can’t be mentioned has been pushing DRS and that’s what I did. Im in process of doing it with AMC. After the FIDELiTY bullshit today, maybe you should too? This isn’t advice, it’s a question you need to ask yourself. Can you trust anyone? Im putting my shares in my name!
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2021.11.30 19:36 thicccgingerrr [22F] still growing my hair out and feeling wonderful 🥰

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2021.11.30 19:36 Wiedzemir Streak 40: Kaputte (fast) Geschenke

Wir versuchte einen Geschenk für einen Freund kaufen. Wir haben uns dafür entschieden, dass wir wollen zwei neue Computerbildschirme für unseren Freund kaufen. Also ein sehr teures Geschenk von uns alle.
Wir haben die Monitore am Freitag bestellt und heute wurden die beide geliefert. Wir waren schon bereit, alles zusammen zu packen. Dann einer von uns hat vorgeschlagen, die Bildschirme vor dem Verpacken eigentlich zu überprüfen.
Dadurch haben wir herausgefunden, dass die beide Monitore ein paar tote Pixeln haben. Das würde ein erbärmliches Geschenk sein, wenn wir einfach so dem Freund die Monitore gegeben würden.

Ich glaube, dass es der dritte Beitrag, den ich geschrieben hat, der über Geschenke geht. Es is einfach zu kompliziert.
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2021.11.30 19:36 Downtown_Echo_3904 HELP: my bedrock pe isn't changing to 1.18 and i don't know why?

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2021.11.30 19:36 AussieBossie24 How hard is Not Enough on piano?

Curious because I may try it out soon
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