Wallpaper is visible below taskbar?

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2021.11.30 19:00 Infernape_Cuck Wallpaper is visible below taskbar?

I'm not entirely sure how this is an issue, but my wallpaper is clearly visible below the taskbar. It only shows about a pixel or two of the wallpaper, but it is more than enough to notice it and bug me.
Wondering if anyone else is experiencing this on their system and, if so, how they may have fixed this issue.
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2021.11.30 19:00 barnaby-jones SLO County board holds meeting to choose redistricting map | San Luis Obispo Tribune

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2021.11.30 19:00 JimKnic 🔥 RematicEGC 🔥 – Whitepaper | Partnered with marketing firm | 🚨3 days till PinkSale 🚨| Audited By InterFi and KYC by Pinksale🔒 |Investment Firm Utility both Crypto & Commercial | Revenue distributed as Dividend to Holders | Owner to be Doxxed at 10m MC | Whitelist almost Filled | Dec 3rd launch

🚨 One of the most professional and concrete Whitepapers available! 🚨
- Website: https://rematicegc.com/
- Contract: 0x0c01099f3d4c920504E577bd7617f0D7c53cD8Df
- InterFi audit: https://rematicegc.com/audit/
- - Pinksale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x25F1429799f53a89Cf58A0A4f9a0D94649fE1388?chain=B%20SC
- Multiple exchange reviews and movements within 90 days after launch.
- Talks on the way to get news article(s) listed on financial news website like Yahoo finance.
- Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
- Whitepaper released! https://rematicegc.com/whitepape
What Is RematicEGC?
RematicEGC Token has been created with the focus on bringing crypto investors a philanthropic leaning, sustainable and passive income for themselves and their families. RematicEGC rewards investors with EGC based on transactional volume of $RMTX. The EGC held by investors will reward BUSD based on the volume of transactions of EGC.
So, where’s the utility? In addition to rewards, $RMTX serves as the Inaugural Token of Rematic Tokens LLC. An investment firm for both the crypto and commercial space. $RMTX through direct control of the community offers funding opportunities for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. Profits from those investments generate revenue for $RMTX holders through dividend payments and/or burning of tokens. All Dividends (profit sharing) will be based on your $RMTX holding as it relates to the total supply. 100% fair, 100% transparent.
Who are the team members?
The team consists of highly capable and driven individuals, whom all our educated to a degree or master’s level in their profession. Development has been led by 15 years of software management. Utility being lead and developed by leading industry minds and a passionate operations manager.
Any plans for Doxxing?
Yes. The CEO is KYC doxed by the pinksale team and am outside witness. The Founder will also publicly doxx himself to the community and investors. The core team as they’re established will also go through a doxing stage than publicly announced on the website and social media groups.
What are the tokenomics of RematicEGC?
- 14% total taxation from token buy, sells and wallet transfers.
- 9% of every buy/sell is redistributed to all holders in Evergrow.
- 4% of every transaction is transferred into Liquidity Pool for Pancakeswap to create a stable price floor.
- 1% of every transaction is set aside for marketing efforts.
- 9% EGC reflection will be converted to 10% in Q2 of 2022. Marketing allocation of 1% will be removed.
- 150T will be allocated for managing the value of RematicEGC token over the first 90 days of its existance.
- 50T tokens are locked for 90 days. Allowing for new liquidity pools to be funded for other exchanges.
- - 3 waves of burns will be ongoing after launch to discourage whales, pump and dumps and protect investors and team’s vested tokens.
What’s next for after presale?
- Continued marketing firm involvement- 3 month signed contract.
- Hiring of Core team members.
- Influencer involvement and giveaways for 30 days after launch!
- Official launch and listing on Pancakeswap with more exchanges on the way.
- Listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.
- Rematic Nation Investment (RNI) plan announced, proposal and application presented by entrepreneurs.
- Contract ownership voted on by community whether to be placed into EverOwn (or similar product/service
- RNI business plans presented by entrepreneurs and the bids voted on by community
- Kick off development of further utility by developers
- Automated distribution of dividends to community holders with investment firm contracts.
- Talks on the way to get news article(s) listed on financial news website like Yahoo finance.
Useful links:
- Contract: https://bscscan.com/address/0x0c01099f3d4c920504e577bd7617f0d7c53cd8df
- InterFi Audit: https://rematicegc.com/audit/
- Pinksale: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x25F1429799f53a89Cf58A0A4f9a0D94649fE1388?chain=B%20SC
- Twitter: https://twitter.com/RematicEGC?s=20
- Telegram: https://t.me/rematicegc
- Whitepaper https://rematicegc.com/whitepape
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2021.11.30 19:00 JosipHR Koje novinske portale čitate?

Koji je vaš odabir kada su u pitanju izvori informacija? Otkako je 24 sata počeo s naplatom određenih članaka, počeo sam tražiti neki drugi izvor i još nisam našao na neki objektivan. P.S. Index ne dolazi u obzir 🙂
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2021.11.30 19:00 protojoe1 Latest round of bushcraft hiking hatchets for a friends business. 4140, Rockwell 50-55 with a Scandinavian grind.

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2021.11.30 19:00 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - Biden administration probe of supply chain woes slammed as 'demagoguery' | Washington Times

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2021.11.30 19:00 CamH00ps I love this game so much! Some stories to follow:

This game is the epitome of organic, emergent story telling.
I started with the man and a dog start as a hive prince. That alone got me into many hijinks due to how slow and weak bone dogs are to start with, one being used getting in a fight with cannibals, dog going down and me having to drop everything in order to carry the doggo away while running fast enough to escape.
Fast forward many hours later to today when i decide to mess around in rebirth. I have super high stealth and assassination and then hatched a plan - knock out the guards one by one, strip them down and hitch them to the slave posts. Then went on until daybreak when I got caught leading to a massive fight after which I had to retreat. BUT when I head back it turns out the remaining slavers have turned t other slavers (which I hitched to the posts) into slaves, not knowing it’s their own people!
I just love this so much because it’s narrative gold without any script being written. The game just unfolds into these brilliant moments around you.
Please share your stories below!
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2021.11.30 19:00 yah_bam run as fast as you can dude.

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2021.11.30 19:00 Andpoofshevanishes Is it normal for skin to look older in photographs than in real life?

I went to the bank to transfer some money, and the teller asked me to remove my mask while looking at my driver's license. She said 'Huh, you look different." "Oh, really?" "You know, you look younger than the photo." A few months ago, I had a similar interaction with a TSA agent. So is this a sign that I don't photograph well, are DMV photos really that harsh, or can skin just look that much healthier in a few years? It's about a four year old license by now.
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2021.11.30 19:00 hbooroji PRINCIA BY PRONOVIAS

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2021.11.30 19:00 keerilth I have a question.

I'm considering to move from windows 10 to Ubuntu. My laptop has 2 ssd (an 500gb and a 2tb). I would like to install the system for the 500gb, and the 2tb ssd would be for Steam. Is this possible or not? If yes I need help and/or a step-by-step guide for how to do it.
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2021.11.30 19:00 Mr_Meme28 According to Reinforce Surefour is joining the valiant

On a recent episode of plat chat reinforce said s4 is joining the valiant
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2021.11.30 19:00 Lizaerie Guess who’s back? Not me thats for sure:)

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2021.11.30 19:00 erer1243 Currently, it's November 30, 2021 at 05:00PM

Currently, it's November 30, 2021 at 05:00PM
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2021.11.30 19:00 NeshDot Američki Psiho

Sviđa li vam se Phil Collins? Veliki sam obožavatelj Genesisa još od izdavanja njihovog albuma iz 1980. Duke. Prije toga stvarno nisam razumio nijedan njihov rad. Previše umjetnički, previše intelektualno. Na Dukeu je prisutnost Phila Collinsa postala očitija. Mislim da je Invisible Touch bio neosporno remek djelo grupe. To je epska meditacija o neopipljivosti. Ujedno produbljuje i obogaćuje značenje prethodna tri albuma. Christy, skini svoj ogrtač. Poslušajte briljantnu ansambl koji sviraju Banks, Collins i Rutherford. Praktički možete čuti svaku nijansu svakog instrumenta. Sabrina, skini haljinu. U smislu lirskog umijeća, čistog pisanja pjesama, ovaj album dostiže novi vrhunac profesionalizma. Sabrina, zašto ne bi, uh, malo zaplesala. Prenesite stihove u Land of Confusion. U ovoj se pjesmi Phil Collins bavi problemima zloupotrebe političkog autoriteta. In Too Deep je najdirljivija pop pjesma 1980-ih, o monogamiji i predanosti. Pjesma je izuzetno poticajna. Njihovi tekstovi su pozitivni i afirmativni kao i sve što sam čuo u rocku. Christy, klekni da Sabrina vidi tvoj šupak. Čini se da je solo karijera Phila Collinsa komercijalnija i stoga zadovoljavajuća, na uži način. Pogotovo pjesme poput In the Air Tonight i Against All Odds. Sabrina, nemoj samo buljiti u to, pojedi to. Ali također mislim da Phil Collins najbolje radi unutar granica grupe, nego kao solo umjetnik, i naglašavam riječ umjetnik. Ovo je Sussudio, sjajna, sjajna pjesma, osobni favorit.
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2021.11.30 19:00 minlatedollarshort E. coli infection and conflicting information

My husband is 30 years old with a medical history of asthma, Lyme’s disease, and regular sinus infections that require the routine use of antibiotics. He also has a bulging disc for which he is currently attending physical therapy. He has had undiagnosed gastrointestinal problems (loose stools, discomfort, and pain) and pain in the groin area, with urination frequency and little output, for going on two years now. He has been to neurologists, gastroenterologists, orthopedics, and has an upcoming appointment with a rheumatologist. They all say that his symptoms could potentially be caused by issues in these areas, but he’s received no real answers or solutions. Two weeks ago he had a colonoscopy as part of the investigation into all of this. They removed some polyps but we have not heard anything about them (they said no news is good news). However, they did call to inform him that he has an E. coli infection and have prescribed him antibiotics, specifically Cipro. This was communicated to him via a receptionist who could not answer any follow-on questions. We are wondering:

  1. Everything we’ve read on every reputable website has said that antibiotics are not recommended and should even be avoided for E. coli due to resistance and potential complications with the kidneys. If this is the case, why might his doctor prescribe them and should he take them without being able to speak with them?
  2. The same literature says that majority of cases resolve on their own in 5-7 days. The same they took was two weeks ago now, but his bowel issues and nausea only seem to be getting worse. Is this cause for alarm? He does not currently have a fever.
  3. If we have no idea how long ago he got it and it has potentially already been going on for weeks, is it at all plausible that E. coli could have been what’s causing his issues on and off for the last couple of years?
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2021.11.30 19:00 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - 'Show strength': Trump demands Senate GOP weaponize debt limit to kill Biden's social welfare bill | Washington Times

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2021.11.30 19:00 eclipsesixtyone Beware! Turmeric.

That is all.
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2021.11.30 19:00 Callouu NZXT x73, Corsair h150i pro, or Deepcool Castle 360 RGB V2?

Hi Everyone!
I'm currently in the process of building my first PC and am torn between these 3 AIOs. I have also considered the Noctua NH-D15, but ultimately just didn't like the appearance of the air cooler.
The AIO will be used to cool a Ryzen 9 5900x and put inside a Fractal Meshify 2 case. If it makes a difference, it'll be paired with Corsair Vengeance ram and 6 Corsair QL120 fans (as I know software can be a determining factor). Is there a notable difference in performance, longevity, or volume between these models, or should I just go for what looks better?
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2021.11.30 19:00 dror888 pokemon games and gameboy console

I do not know if this is the right subreddit if no i apologize.
i stopped collection pokemon and have a lot i would like to sale (together not seperate) here is details on what i offer and if you are intrested you are welcome to PM me for photos and condition. i will ship worldwide with tracking. the price i am asking for all of this is very low which is 440$ with shipping.
gameboy advance SP with charger working perfectly and includes the charger
gameboy pokemon red english CIB and saving
gameboy pokemon red japanese CIB and saving
gameboy pokemon blue japanese CIB and saving
gameboy pokemon green japanese CIB and saving
3 guides nice condition like new
pokemon tcg bible book great condition
pokemon stadium japanese 1 and 2 (1 is not cib)
pokemon base set 2 booster pack
pokemon 25th anniversary mcdonalds booster packs X4
pokemon play it! version 1 and 2
pokemon indigo league season 1 dvd's in great condition.
pokemon first season dvd's indigo league early release that includes the banned episodes
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2021.11.30 18:59 dafunkyman Happy National Mason Jar Day !!! lol

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2021.11.30 18:59 PrecisionStrike How do I add a Proton VPN connection to my flip phone?

I tried downloading the app, but that wants me to make a Google Play account, connect my device to it, then tells me I can't download apps without downloading a Google Play app (a perfect Catch 22).
The Proton VPN site is no help because it wants me to go to menus I have no access to.
I went into settings on the phone and it wants this info:
Name, Type (dropdown menu), server address, PPP encryption (on or off), username, password, Always on (on of off, only available on certain types). There's also an advanced options section that has things like: DNS search domains, DNS servers, forwarding routes, and proxy (none or manual).
It says on my Proton account I have 12 connections available. Can I use one of these on my phone?
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2021.11.30 18:59 ivom14 Storage for Series X

Just got my halo edition series x, I know that there is the proprietary storage with the new consoles, but can I use my old 2tb drive from my one s?
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2021.11.30 18:59 jazzofusion Safari Arms Beavertail Grip.

Fitted one by hand years ago in stainless. At the time I was going to nickel plate the frame. Still can't justify the expense.
Any know of a blued or parkerized beavertail grip that dimensionally match the Safari? When I did this mod beavertail dimension were very different, brand to brand.
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2021.11.30 18:59 SnooSprouts3900 Sexy ass

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