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What do you think caused Ra's to change?

You have reached the end of "Ra's al Xander". This story is complete. Please add a review or Read Reviews; If this is one of your favorite stories, make a recommendation Tell your friends about this story - short address Jem and the Holograms is a 2015 American musical drama film produced and directed by Jon M. Chu, written by Ryan Landels, and starring Aubrey Peeples (as the title character), Stefanie Scott, Hayley Kiyoko, Aurora Perrineau, Ryan Guzman, Molly Ringwald and Juliette Lewis.. Borrowing elements from Christy Marx's 1980s animated television series Jem, the film was produced by Allspark Pictures (a ... Ra's al Ghul was a mentor and trainer to Bruce Wayne under the name Henri Ducard and recruited him into the League of Shadows to destroy Gotham City. Bruce defied the organization, dismantled his allies in the Gotham Underworld, and put a stop to Ra's himself. Ra's was the father of Bruce's later romantic interest and foe, Talia. He was portrayed by Liam Neeson in Batman Begins and The Dark ... The RA role enables you to learn valuable skills that employers are looking for including problem-solving, adaptability, teamwork, and interpersonal communication. An RA’s primary responsibilities are getting to know their residents one-on-one and developing a community within their living area. But I do like the idea of several men becoming infatuated with Sally and chasing after her, including Adam. But I know things never stays the same on soaps (even though it seems like forever that Phyllis has been with Nick for example, but Nick was with Chelsea when Adam came back to town and Adam eventually wanted Conner and Chelsea both to ... Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (Korean: 도도솔솔라라솔; RR: Dodosolsollarasol) is a South Korean television series starring Go Ara, Lee Jae-wook and Kim Joo-hun. It was scheduled to premiere on KBS2 and Netflix on August 26, 2020. However, KBS postponed its premiere date to prevent the spread of COVID-19.The series aired from October 7 to November 26, 2020, every Wednesday and Thursday at 21 ... "Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol" takes over KBS2's Wed. & Thu. 21:30 time slot previously occupied by "Memorials" and followed by "Cheat On Me If You Can" on December 2, 2020. First script reading took place early May, 2020 in South Korea. Cast “How do you get around a new place?“. Get to the travel quiz Why Do you Love The World by BBC here, and find out why you might have constantly itchy feet. When we took this travel test, they told us the following: You are: the documentarian! “For you, the only thing better than seeing a jaw-dropping view is capturing it forever. You ... Henri Ducard: Don't be afraid, Bruce. Come on. Come on. You are just an ordinary man in a cape. That's why you couldn't fight injustice, that's why you can't stop this train Think you may have arthritis? Learn about the four most common warning signs. Article. Gout. Gout is an inflammatory type of arthritis that more commonly affects men. Back. RA's Effect on the Brain. Learn about the possible links between rheumatoid arthritis and cognitive effects and how to manage them.

2021.11.30 19:29 katarokthevirus What do you think caused Ra's to change?

I must say it feels weird for the "demon's head" to rehabilitating anyone. Also he just let Deathstroke get the League of Shadows. The Assassin League he founded and was the leader for more than 600 years.
Also he is still in good terms with the rest of the Light or at least Vandal. In season 3 Vandal said that Ra's told them of Nightwing's team when they raided infinity island in hope to find Tara.
So I guess that Ra's decided to finally retire and gave the league away to Slade. Peacefully. Hence he is still in good terms with the rest of the "bad" guys.
Still I would like to know what happened and most importantly why?
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2021.11.30 19:29 naex98 Happy Brithday Shizuka!!!

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2021.11.30 19:29 beenburnedbutable Meow Wolf is dumb.

It’s great for kids, but it’s a waste of time and money better spent at a thrift store, flea market, garage or estate sale. Just about anywhere really if you’re an adult.
I could also just buy a RPG video game and get a better experience.
Meow Wolf might as well serve crappy pizza cause it’s just a fancy Chucky Cheese.
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2021.11.30 19:29 cena679 27M looking for someone to chat with!

Would love to talk to someone new about anything and everything, platonic of course, I hope being a guy doesn’t deter you from wanting to chat, I’d love to make some new friends today and hope to hear from you soon!
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2021.11.30 19:29 CardNo2290 Walking debts of reddit in how much debt are you?

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2021.11.30 19:29 saltyredditbae Why does No Nut November exist?

Do men actually complete this ? Is it just for clout? Or is there some reasoning behind it such as 'Movember', where men grow a mustache for prostate cancer awareness.
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2021.11.30 19:29 OkHovercraft6544 Tips for recording videos over a commercial stove?

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2021.11.30 19:29 nayeppeo Naming black children after Asian countries?

Hi Asian name nerds! Just kind of jumping off that post about giving names to children that are outside of their own culture- I’ve always wondered what Asian folks think of black kids named China, India, Malaysia, and even just Asia. I personally think they’re cute names, but that’s probably because I know many girls with those names. When I think of it objectively, it sounds really silly. Like, would I want to name my child “Portugal?” I think not.
Do you find it offensive? Let me know what you guys think!
To my people, do you know why our culture does this??
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2021.11.30 19:29 RageInducedGamer Can anyone confirm how this plays on Series X?

Is it 4k/60? Or is it locked at 30?
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2021.11.30 19:29 BestCupOfwater Ft: Shiny mons LF: offers

Piplup, snuball, oshawott, gible, snivy, abra, rhyhorn, porygon, turtwig, wailmer, seedot, duskull and honchkrow. All are from pogo also trading shiny event suicune
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2021.11.30 19:29 v1dy4g4m35 “So anciently did he clap that booty”

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2021.11.30 19:29 Nohan07 L’Union calédonienne discutera avec l’Etat, mais après l’élection présidentielle

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2021.11.30 19:29 robertfwilliams The evolution of trash

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2021.11.30 19:29 Admirable_Elk_965 I make reviews and play games in the background. Check me out if you liked
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2021.11.30 19:29 Jevsa [H] NIB 40K (Mostly Adepta Sororitas, Death Guard, Drukhari) [W] PayPal $$$ (75% MSRP) [Loc] MT, USA

I'm hoping to sell off some "New in Box" units for armies I am never going to get around to finishing. Asking 75% MSRP, with free shipping to the US. If you are interested, reply to this post and then message me so I can set up a PayPal invoice for any sale we agree to. (I pay the PayPal fees, and we both get their protections this way) I will ship tracked with USPS to the address you provide in PayPal, first class or priority mail depending on weight.
Here is a link to an HTML spreadsheet of what I have available, will keep updated as availability changes:
Imgur Verification Image:
Free shipping to the US, no international buyers please. Generally first come, first served, but may give priority to larger purchases.
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2021.11.30 19:29 topr4men The Ruined portal looks really cool with the Leaf's on it.

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2021.11.30 19:29 laa54 Can I tell my GP about my problems

I’m stuck I’m 21 and currently suffering from a huge amount of stress and anxiety which is starting to take over my life as it stands. I’ve recently become a new dad to a four month old and I started uni in September although I feel for the last 6 months my life has been spiralling slowly out of control. I have a lot of pressure coming into my life as I work 20 hours a week in a stressful work environment, share parenting responsibilities and I’m completing a full time degree although I’m slowly shutting down. To combat my feelings I’ve been self medicating with Xanax (street brought) and I’ve been doing Ketamine everyday now for nearly 3 months and although I know this is wrong it’s the only thing that is helping me get through the day. I want to be open and clean with my GP about all my issues and my drug taking but I don’t want this held against me or my child as my child has the best level of care and is loved dearly. I also don’t want to tell the GP as I’m currently under medical investigation by the DVLA as I had a seizure in August and don’t want drugs on my record although I really cannot go on the way I am. Honest advice please
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2021.11.30 19:29 Teesang1 [WTS] Vortex Razor Gen III 1-10x MRAD [IL]

$1650 shipped. Never mounted. Only opened box to show optic inside.
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2021.11.30 19:29 Crikard15 Best investment vehicle for targeting FIRE before 59 1/2? Brokerage? Real Estate?!

My wife (23F) and I (24M) recently moved to Florida from Louisiana. We are renting out our old house and we bought another house in Florida (we are cash flowing $250 a month on our rental).
I just put my two weeks in at my current employer for a job at a local bank. My salary will increase from $40k to $70k. My wife’s salary is roughly $65-70k.
We are both maxing our employer matched 401k, but after that I’m struggling to decide.
My question has to do with what investment vehicle is best to use for FIRE if we are wanting to retire before 59 1/2?
I like the way a ROTH is taxed but what if I am wanting to retire before 59 1/2?
I have a passion for all types of investment including stocks, crypto, and real estate. If say we want to retire by 35 we would have 25 years before we could even touch our tax advantaged accounts (I know I can take contributions penalties/tax free from a Roth but that’s not enough) this makes a brokerage account and real estate look more appealing considering how long your money is “locked up” in tax advantaged accounts.
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2021.11.30 19:29 BogdanOleg Порисуем? :: #Sucrose (Genshin Impact) #cute #girl #flowers :: Автор работы SWKL: D :: 0900

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2021.11.30 19:29 elevenhundred Tech Binding compatibility with Zandstra skates.

Does anyone know which model of Dynafit bindings (or other tech bindings) work with Zandstra skates? I have the Hardware Pack and the Speed Radical bindings I have on my splitboard don't have the right hole pattern (yea, I'm a hardbooter, wanna fight about it?). I encountered someone with this setup last year and I can't for the life of me remember which bindings they had!
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2021.11.30 19:29 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Politics] - TV show host Dr. Oz announces Senate run in Pennsylvania | PBS

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2021.11.30 19:29 Suspicious-Ad-5595 اگه بخندی باختی 🤣 با مجازات جر دادن ریش و پشم-توپ های مسعود سیگار میکشن

اگه بخندی باختی 🤣 با مجازات جر دادن ریش و پشم-توپ های مسعود سیگار میکشن
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