AMS2 V1.3.0.1 Have Reiza Really Fixed The Sticky Diff??? A Comparison Using ACC, a Porsche & Spa.

2021.11.30 19:07 TARMACTERRORISTPOT AMS2 V1.3.0.1 Have Reiza Really Fixed The Sticky Diff??? A Comparison Using ACC, a Porsche & Spa.

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2021.11.30 19:07 Tiny_Twist_5726 Pass Colour Arrangement Fail Ishihara Test

Just to see, how many of you pass the Farnsworth Munsell 100 Hue Test (colour arrangement test) but fail the Ishihara test?
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2021.11.30 19:07 OnHillStreet "The Crawl" Creepypasta Narration

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2021.11.30 19:07 Chemical-Video-3570 All ancient dreams in a modern land singles as artwork covers

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2021.11.30 19:07 Wild-Hand Question: Out on Medical

I had surgery on Monday morning and will be out of work for the next two weeks. I’m feeling at a loss about what I should do in terms of plans for my kids? I teach 10th grade English and they just finished a writing assignment and are at the tail end of a memoir.
Any and all ideas/suggestions for the next two weeks would be great. Additionally, should I be responding to parent/student/admin emails? I have anxiety already and it’s only been two days! I should also mention that I have INCREDIBLY supportive admin.
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2021.11.30 19:07 kinderholmes Looking for people to play with, planning on casual/hardcore as long as we have fun [PC-EU] (lv 31 atm)

Hello everyone, Is there a shinobi striker discord?
I am looking for people that I can play with and coordinate on discord to have the most fun out of the game.
It would be good if you are chill, willing to get better at the game with a positive mindset.
Nephewin#9993 - That is my discord, I could not find the discord of this reddit therefore please message me and we can set up a server for a small group of people to play with often.
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2021.11.30 19:07 LucianWaifu Watching the world burn

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2021.11.30 19:07 FredAcker Day 2 with Mary

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2021.11.30 19:07 Alicethelivingdoll What is wrong with me?

I miss my ex, I miss talking to her, I miss the time we spend together I still think she is my FP, even tho we broke up 7 months ago and I am in a new relationship. Long story short my ex had bpd just like me, our relationship was chaotic, it was toxic, but still I loved her, I still do, she helped me so much.
Even after she found out I am in new relationship she still wanted to be with me and offered me to be with her under one condition to go see therapist. I couldnt say yes, bc in my heart i knew she deserves better then me, I dont deserve her.
My new relationship is good, I am happy, he is so nice and patient, positive,sweet and understanding and emotional. I am scared I will hurt him. I started to split on him, I think he cant handle me. He got very upset and is ignoring me for now.
We were talking about my family issues(online) and I felt like he doesnt understand me, he is always so happy and when I talk about something depressing I need compassion, I didnt feel it so I snaped at him, told him to go back to his happy life.
I know I was wrong, he gaves much of himself,he is there for me, yet I still need more, wtf is wrong with me.At that moment I saw him as a bad guy, I thought he doesnt care about me.
Jeez, it is been few hours since, I dont feel bad anymore , I feel somewhat satisfied he is ignoring me, I see it as a game, I will ignore him tomorrow.
I am not sane,am I?
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2021.11.30 19:07 oregon9924 DAMN!! This show knows how to get the water works going!!!

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2021.11.30 19:07 2googlyeyes2 Guess the New Beauty holiday box isn’t selling so well 😂

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2021.11.30 19:07 twoforflinching00 Anyone else notice Power seed "deposits" on the scoreboard is inaccurate after a match?

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2021.11.30 19:07 Burritomann55744 Minecraft house I made

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2021.11.30 19:07 Stargazer447 Disneyland ticket from 1994. Two days at Disneyland for fifty bucks? Times have changed.

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2021.11.30 19:07 roland1234567890 In case someone hasn't seen the surprise VOD

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2021.11.30 19:07 NegaGingerGZ Found my childhood Skyline. First edition R32 GTR. First JDM Hot Wheel in history. I'm tempted to wheel swap it, but those wheels are part of it's history.

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2021.11.30 19:07 lisellu Hello! I'm beginner and need advice

That's might be plenty similar questions here and I'm sorry for another one, but which microphone would you recommended for rapping and singing? I'm beginner and only now start to get into. What about price – about 500$, if it's possible. Thanks in advance for your time and attention!
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2021.11.30 19:06 Neron_Gerik there's nothing more hurtful

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2021.11.30 19:06 unseentruth66 Strange find in the woods. What does everyone think?

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2021.11.30 19:06 ExpiredGoodsForever Starting my first extended fast

Could use all the encouragement and tips! This sub has allowed me to do up to a 36 hr fast but now I’m seeing how long I can do it this time! Hoping to make it to hour 37!
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2021.11.30 19:06 PrimalCookie FBS Conference Championship Outlook After Week 8

Hey everyone! I’m Primal, coach of the FAU Owls. I did a FBS-wide roundup for the last few weeks last season and I felt like doing it again, so yeah.
Please note that I’m not going to work out three (or more) way ties until the final week, because that’s a lot of work lol. All records listed are conference records, because out of conference games don’t matter here. Bold is a clinched division champion, italics is a team that can potentially clinch this week, and strikethrough is those who have been eliminated. Without further ado, let’s get going!

Atlantic Coastal
NC State (4-1) Georgia Tech (4-2)
Florida State (3-2) Duke (3-1)
Wake Forest (2-2) Pittsburgh (3-1)
Clemson (2-3) Virginia Tech (3-2)
Louisville (2-3) North Carolina (3-2)
Boston College (1-3) Virginia (1-3)
Syracuse (1-4) Miami FL (1-4)
We start out with the ACC, where only one team is eliminated - Miami in the Coastal. The Atlantic’s race is already pretty straightforward for being this early - NC State is 4-1 and already have wins over Wake Forest, Clemson, and Louisville. There’s no game with big divisional implications this week, but in week 10 NC State and Florida State will clash in a likely division decider if they don’t blow it in their other games. Syracuse’s one conference win is conveniently NC State, so they’re still hypothetically in the hunt for now. The guillotine might be seeing a lot of visitors next week, as an NCSU win against Boston College means everyone but the top three are eliminated, with Wake Forest also on the chopping block if they lose to a ranked Virginia squad.
Meanwhile, Coastal Chaos is alive and well in the fake ACC, just like the real one. Georgia Tech currently leads with a 4-2 record, but don’t control their own destiny as they lost to Pittsburgh in week 5. This week, GT and Duke duke it out (please laugh) for the division lead. Another storyline to watch is Virginia Tech potentially playing spoiler to Pitt ahead of the Panthers’ pivotal week 10 matchup against Duke. VT themselves will need a miracle to advance to Charlotte, with losses to Georgia Tech and Duke already, while Virginia is on the brink of elimination due to their 3 conference losses being the top 3 in the division.
East West
UCF (5-0) Navy (5-0)
Connecticut (2-2) Memphis (4-1)
Temple (2-3) SMU (2-2)
Cincinnati (2-3) Houston (2-3)
East Carolina (1-4) Tulane (2-4)
USF (1-4) Tulsa (1-3)
It’s only been 8 weeks, but the AAC East is the first division to officially come down to 2 horses, and one of them could be eliminated this week. Temple, Cincinnati, East Carolina, and USF are all out, while UConn is hanging on by a thread - in order to win the division, they need to win out while UCF loses out. If any other result happens at any time in the last 4 weeks, the Knights clinch, as they beat the Huskies back in week 8. Stay tuned to UCF vs SMU and Connecticut vs Temple, because our first champion could be crowned this week.
3 teams are also already eliminated in the West - Tulane by record and Houston/Tulsa by virtue of losing to Navy. SMU is this division’s version of UConn, because they need a whole lot to go right to make it out alive (namely, they win out, Navy loses out, and Memphis only wins at most 1 more game). Navy can clinch with a win against fellow frontrunner Memphis this week, incredibly making it possible that both participants in the championship game are decided with 3 weeks still to be played. Crazy.
Big 12
Big 12
Texas (6-1)
Oklahoma State (5-1)
Kansas (5-1)
Kansas State (3-3)
Iowa State (3-3)
Oklahoma (3-3)
TCU (2-3)
West Virginia (1-4)
Baylor (1-5)
Texas Tech (1-6)
Ah, the Big 12. The land of a 9 game round robin conference schedule. Isn’t it beautiful? Three teams have already taken themselves out of contention, those being Texas Tech, Baylor, and West Virginia. Kansas State, Iowa State, Oklahoma, and TCU could all potentially survive to see another day despite being right on the brink of elimination, as Texas is playing Houston out of conference this week. However, each of them are out with a loss, as Oklahoma State and Kansas have yet to play each other and thus one is guaranteed to finish at worst 6-3. As for Texas, the Longhorns won’t be able to guarantee a trip to Dallas for at least 2 more weeks.
Big Ten
East West
Penn State (4-0) Illinois (4-0)
Michigan (3-1) Nebraska (3-1)
Ohio State (3-1) Minnesota (2-2)
Rutgers (2-3) Wisconsin (2-2)
Indiana (2-3) Purdue (1-3)
Michigan State (1-4) Iowa (1-3)
Maryland (1-4) Northwestern (0-4)
On to the great Midwest! The East is relatively wide open, with only Maryland and Michigan State eliminated (because it’s impossible for all 3 of Penn State, Michigan, and Ohio State to finish 4-4). Penn State took the lead through their close win over Michigan last week and control their destiny. The landscape might look significantly different next week, as Michigan and Ohio State both play opponents in Nebraska and Illinois, where a PSU win vs OSU in week 10 would then clinch the division. Rutgers and Indiana are both still hypothetically in the race, but it’d take quite a bit for them to make it.
In the West, no one is currently eliminated, yet Northwestern, Iowa, and Purdue are all hanging on by their fingertips and would be out with an Illinois win. What will most likely be the pivotal game in the division fight has already been played, Illinois’ 31-13 beatdown of Nebraska in week 6. Those are the only teams who are really in it, although both Minnesota and Wisconsin could go to Indy if they go on a tear late in the season and get a little luck with other results.
Conference USA
East West
Charlotte (4-0) North Texas (3-1)
FAU (4-1) UTSA (3-2)
Marshall (4-1) Louisiana Tech (2-2)
FIU (2-2) Rice (2-2)
Old Dominion (1-3) Southern Miss (2-2)
Western Kentucky (0-4) UAB (2-3)
Middle Tennessee (0-5) UTEP (2-3)
We’ve finally made it to the Conference of Champions! The East has 4 teams still in it, with 3 real contenders - Charlotte, FAU, and Marshall. Middle Tennessee and Western Kentucky are both out by record, while Old Dominion is also eliminated because it’s impossible for both Charlotte and FAU to finish 4-4 (which they would need, as they’ve lost to both already). Speaking of Charlotte and FAU, we’ll have to wait until week 11 for the massive rivalry game between those two programs to likely decide who goes to the CCG. Marshall, the third horse in the race, are also 4-1 but don’t control their own destiny, as they lost big to FAU in week 6. The scene probably won’t change much this week, with the Owls and the Herd both playing out of conference opponents. However, long shot FIU could be eliminated with a loss and a Charlotte win.
It’s incredibly close in the West, with every team within 1.5 games of the lead. North Texas is on top right now at 3-1, but have played one less game than second place UTSA at 3-2. The rest of the division are all sitting at 2 wins, with UAB and UTEP having lost one more game than Rice and Southern Miss. This is so wide open that I don’t really know what more there is to say about it - it’s really anyone’s to win.
East West
Buffalo (3-1) Western Michigan (4-1)
Akron (3-1) Central Michigan (3-1)
Ohio (2-2) Eastern Michigan (3-2)
Bowling Green (2-2) Ball State (2-3)
Kent State (2-2) Toledo (1-3)
Miami OH (0-5) Northern Illinois (1-3)
We’re back north again, to the land of MACtion. The only eliminated team is Miami, sharing that unfortunate trait with their brothers to the south. The best they can do is 3-5, and even if it was otherwise possible for everyone to finish there (which I highly highly doubt) Buffalo and Akron still have to play each other, making it definitively impossible. I already mentioned the big Buffalo/Akron matchup in week 10, and those are definitely the two frontrunners, but the other 3 are still in it and it wouldn’t take much for them to win.
The West, despite not having an eliminated team, is actually a bit more straightforward. Western Michigan holds the lead and has head to head over Eastern Michigan, and will play Central Michigan in week 11. WMU and CMU therefore both control their destinies, while EMU and others need some help to make it to Detroit. Northern Illinois, Toledo, and Ball State would all be eliminated with a loss or a WMU win, while Eastern Michigan would be eliminated if the Broncos win and they lose to Ohio.
Mountain West
Mountain West
Wyoming (3-1) San Diego State (4-0)
Colorado State (2-2) Hawaii (3-1)
Air Force (2-2) San Jose State (2-2)
Boise State (1-3) Nevada (2-2)
New Mexico (1-3) UNLV (2-2)
Utah State (0-4) Fresno State (2-2)
Welcome to the first conference with exactly 0 teams out of the hunt! However, it probably won’t be like that for long in the Mountain. Wyoming is one game ahead of the pack at 3-1, but have yet to play a crucial game against Colorado State. Utah State would be eliminated with a loss or a Wyoming win, while New Mexico would be eliminated with both. Boise State will live to see another week, though, as they don’t play Wyoming until the final week of the season and thus can’t be ruled out until at least two more games happen. Air Force is in a pretty bad spot, having already lost to Wyoming, but their position will suddenly switch to a good one if CSU beats the Cowboys in week 11, because they would then play the Rams the following week in a possible division decider.
The West is truly wild, with no team worse than 2-2 in conference. San Diego State is perfect so far, but won’t play Hawaii until week 12. A SDSU win combined with a loss for Nevada or San Jose State would eliminate those two from contention, but UNLV and Fresno State won’t play the Aztecs until weeks 10 and 11 respectively. This one will be fun to watch as the weeks remaining continue to tick down.
North South
California (3-1) USC (2-2)
Washington State (3-1) Arizona State (2-2)
Washington (3-1) Utah (2-2)
Oregon (2-2) Arizona (2-2)
Stanford (2-2) Colorado (1-3)
Oregon State (1-3) UCLA (1-3)
Staying out west, here’s the Pac-12, last season’s dominant conference and home to the defending national champion, USC. Starting with the North, California, Washington State, and Washington all jointly hold the top spot with a 3-1 record, while Oregon and Stanford are both still in the mix at 2-2. Oregon State isn’t eliminated yet, but have head to head losses to both Cal and Washington and play Wazzu this week. If they lose, they’re out. Cal’s already beat Washington State, but UW hasn’t played either of the top 2 yet - they get the Bears in week 10 and the Cougars in week 12. As such, this division will likely still be in play going into the final week of the season, and will be exciting to watch. Alright, moving on.
*looks at standings*
Jesus Christ you’ve got to be kidding me
Is this thing on? Because if it’s not I’ll just move on. Alrighttttttttt
Oh, it is? Y’all can hear me? Well. That’s unfortunate.
The South is, to put it lightly, a complete cluster. This is ridiculous! 4 teams are all tied at the top with 2-2 records, and the remaining 2 are both 1-3. All 4 2-2 teams are 1-1 against each other with 2 matches each still to be played over the last 4 weeks! I hate everything. I thought the C-USA West left me speechless, but this? I genuinely don’t know what to say. If you’re in this division, uh, just win out and you’ll probably be fine. Next, please.
East West
Florida (3-2) LSU (4-0)
Georgia (3-2) Auburn (3-1)
Kentucky (3-2) Arkansas (3-1)
Missouri (2-2) Texas A&M (2-2)
Tennessee (2-2) Ole Miss (1-3)
South Carolina (2-3) Alabama (1-3)
Vanderbilt (1-3) Mississippi State (0-4)
alright, that was a mess, let’s move on to the next conference!
*looks at standings*


whatever. fine. sure. whatever.
Yeah, so the SEC East isn’t much better, although at least there’s only a 3 way tie for first instead of a 4 way. Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky are all 3-2, half a game ahead of Missouri and Tennessee at 2-2. South Carolina and Vanderbilt are both very much still in it despite having 3 losses as well. This one’s similar to the Pac-12 South - whoever wins out (if anyone) probably walks away with a trip to Atlanta.
After that, we finally get a normal division, thank God. LSU is the final undefeated team in FBS, and obviously they lead their division at 4-0 with Auburn and Arkansas in close pursuit at 3-1. For the first time since the MAC East we have an eliminated team, 0-4 Mississippi State with a loss to LSU already on the books. Alabama and Ole Miss are both facing the barrel of elimination this week, as an LSU win over South Carolina would take them out. Auburn and Arkansas is a game to watch this week for the privilege of being second. LSU wants Auburn to win, because they’ve already beaten the Tigers but don’t play the Razorbacks until week 12.
Sun Belt
East West
Liberty (4-0) Texas State (4-1)
Georgia Southern (3-1) Arkansas State (3-2)
Appalachian State (2-2) South Alabama (2-2)
Georgia State (2-2) Louisiana-Monroe (2-2)
Coastal Carolina (1-3) Louisiana (1-3)
Troy (0-4) New Mexico State (1-3)
We’re here! The final conference! Liberty leads the Sun Belt East with a perfect 4-0 record, with Georgia Southern at a close second at 3-1. However, it won’t be like that for long, with the battle for the top taking place this weekend. Troy is out at 0-4 with a loss to Liberty, and Coastal Carolina would be out with a loss or a Liberty win.
Out west, things are pretty simple. Texas State has a one game lead over Arkansas State, but lost to the Red Wolves in week 4. New Mexico State and Louisiana are both on the chopping block this week, as a loss eliminates them. This week, the top two both play out of conference. South Alabama is a legitimate contender, having already beat Arkansas State and not playing Texas State until week 12, while Louisiana-Monroe is not, having already lost to both. Because of that, the winner of this week’s matchup between the two could decide whether this is a three or two horse race.
Thanks for reading, everyone! I hope you at least smirked a little bit at my stupid jokes and learned some about the current landscape of FBS. It’s still quite early, but as you saw there’ll probably be a lot less teams still dreaming next week. Conference championships matter more than ever due to the new playoff system that guarantees bids to the top 6 champions, so the races will keep ramping up in intensity all the way until the final week of the regular season. Until next time!
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When do you think Alibaba will be at $300 a share again?
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