2021.11.30 19:28 jordsmart12 Renewals

Wasn't it like season 6/7 where the show got renewed for multiple seasons to take us to ten... Now we're in season 9. Any news on when we will find out if it gets renewed last season 10???
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2021.11.30 19:28 Sea-Buffalo Proxmox and Windows 10 LTSC

I am new to proxmox and have been running a VM of windows 10 pro and VM of Linux with no issues for about a month.
I recently decided to try a copy of windows 10 LTSC for a VM to run Blue Iris.
For some reason even with Windows 10 LTSC setup the same way as the windows 10 pro VM, the windows 10 LTSC will just stop running after a while.
Has anyone had this issue or any ideas of what it might be ?
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2021.11.30 19:28 AmbassadorWorf Pah-wraiths don't actually live in the fire caves

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2021.11.30 19:28 TATAPAWELYT made the most bizzare fanart of a character from digimon young hunters. Original image for comparison

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2021.11.30 19:28 Ok_Bullfrog6332 Playground Games

I want to say thank you for creating such a spectacular game. I mean you guys hit it out of the ballpark with Forza 5. From the audio, to the visuals, customization, sound track, pretty much everything. You all did an amazing job, I absolutely love the game. I appreciate all the dedication and hard work you folks put into the game. 👊🏽
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2021.11.30 19:28 Eegoddess Does anyone have Marketing 8th Edition by Dhruv Grewal (Author) ISBN: 1264155808?

I am looking for a copy of this book or an access code would work (or be preferred).
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2021.11.30 19:28 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Local] - ‘How does he still have a job?’ CNN staff sounds off as Chris Cuomo defies ban, talks bro on SiriusXM show | NY Post

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2021.11.30 19:28 whitemetalbeast where is this from?

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2021.11.30 19:28 Nordisle Making a 16mm Fantasy/Folk Horror film take a look.

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2021.11.30 19:28 wiibowlingball Is it safe to smoke changa (w/ MAOI's) after coming off anti-depressants completely three weeks ago?

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2021.11.30 19:28 usernamesarehard6923 [PSN] [Pricecheck] have Koi void wheels any idea on price?

No idea about these
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2021.11.30 19:28 DISANews NewsWatch: These are Wall Street’s 20 favorite stocks as the Fed’s Powell jolts the market with taper talk

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2021.11.30 19:28 AmbassadorWorf Is your pah not strong enough? Get Pahiagra for just five strips of gold pressed latinum. 10 out of 10 Cardassians recommend Pahiagra.

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2021.11.30 19:28 SomeManIDK whose lore stream was best

View Poll
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2021.11.30 19:28 CancerBabyJokes Found this out in the wild, we grow more powerful every day.

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2021.11.30 19:28 pkarvo11606 Which is the best?

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2021.11.30 19:28 DISANews Crypto: Bitcoin trades more like a risk asset than inflation hedge as Powell signals faster taper, analyst says

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2021.11.30 19:28 wormoff_thestring [FT] NMT [LF] Bells

make an offer i have 150 to sell
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2021.11.30 19:28 WildCollectiveHeart 20% off All Crystal Bracelets in my Etsy

20% off All Crystal Bracelets in my Etsy

garnet, rose qaurtz, hematite & rhodonite
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2021.11.30 19:28 Merdapostador Eu defendo a monarquia DeSantista

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2021.11.30 19:28 JessPlaysP NFT Gorilla will be launching soon - We create rare and amazing NFTs!

NFT Gorilla is creating a new NFT platform and will offer rare and expensive NFTs and virtual items. The project has only just launched and is currently under construction, very early days.
The team has a great collection of artists, promoters, developers and website designers on board, and the token will be available for sale by the end of next month.
Website -
Telegram -
Twitter -
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2021.11.30 19:28 sweetpea0701 Tons of DIYs! Gates close in an hour! Bring your extra DIYs if you would like too!

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2021.11.30 19:28 rem5241 My (29F) fiancé (27M) goes upstairs to masturbate as soon as he’s home from work

It’s not uncommon for him to just get home from work, briefly kiss me, and then say he’s going to go upstairs to our office to work on a script. Every time he goes into the office, he shuts and locks the door claiming that he just likes the privacy.
Today is one of those days. He’d only been up there for maybe 5 minutes when I went up to ask him what we should do for dinner. I knocked, waited for a decent bit of time wondering if I needed to knock louder before he finally answered the door. Computer screen is on a blank Google search, not the script. Quick glance down and it’s very apparent he has an erection under his jeans. This isn’t the first time I’ve caught him in this way.
I have no issue with his masturbating (I would prefer he do it when I’m not home but as I work from home and typically run errands during the day while he’s gone, there’s not much time when he’s home that I’m not). Porn use I have mixed thoughts on due to issues we had early on in our relationship… the big issue I have with this is the choice to lock himself away as soon as he gets home instead of having quality time or intimate time with me. Especially when just this morning, I drove him to work and he said how he likes when I drive him so we can spend as much time together as possible in the morning.
Any thoughts? Advice on how to approach this?
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2021.11.30 19:28 SuperiorBlade36 Everybody needs to know about the Esports login issue, and the complete lack of support and concern from the Brawl Stars Team

I have never felt so disrespected as a player. I’ve been a loyal, active player of this game since day one of beta, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars, and right now I don’t want to spend another second on it.
As some of you know, over the weekend hundreds of users were unable to login to the Esports website. This was no fault to their own, and we patiently waited for a fix. We didn’t get any. We messaged support, we messaged the Esports Twitter page, messaged Frank, nothing. Only after World Finals was over did the Esports Twitter page post a statement telling us to message the online Brawl Stars support if we were having trouble logging in.
Now you see, the World Finals were over. You could no longer place predictions, and therefore no longer earn points. This meant that if you were one of the unlucky few affected by the glitch, you weren’t getting the skin. One would assume that messaging support would lead to compensation. After emailing support, I immediately received a completely generalized and automated email. It mentioned messaging in-game support for any bug reports or feedback, which I had already done. I assumed that there would be a follow up email, but a day later I was asked to rate and give my feedback with the “support.”
I’ve messaged in-game support three times over the last few days, telling them what happened and asking if we would be compensated. All they said was they would let me know if any changes are made. Last night, frustrated, I messaged support one last time letting them know what happened. I ended with stating that I believe we should just be given the Jessie skin as compensation. We were unable to receive it because of a glitch with THEIR website. Others had an opportunity that we didn’t have, it’s the only fair thing to do. I waited patiently for a response, and when I finally got it, it read-
“Unfortunately, there is nothing else we can add to help you with this matter. If you have any questions about a different topic, you can contact us again after some time. Thank you.”
After all of this time, trouble, frustration, they and unwilling to help. Unwilling to provide any compensation. They know exactly what happened, and they do not care. I am so incredibly annoyed, and disappointed with the Brawl Stars team. I have been keeping up with the game since day one and I have never been treated so poorly as a player. The easiest and most fair thing they could have done is gift the skin to those who were set to get it, and they couldn’t even do that. I had over 900 points, all I needed to do was log in and make my day three predictions. But I couldn’t. I watched all of the games live, I participated every day. I earned it.
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2021.11.30 19:28 DISANews Earnings Results: Allbirds beats expectations and touts increased sales, but stock falls after hours

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