Does anyone know who made this art?

2021.10.23 01:19 BoJake906 Does anyone know who made this art?

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2021.10.23 01:19 zerodealz Grandfather just done, grandmother done a couple months ago. Together again. Artist: Jamie Young / Shop: Black Royal Tattoo - Endicott, Ny.

Grandfather just done, grandmother done a couple months ago. Together again. Artist: Jamie Young / Shop: Black Royal Tattoo - Endicott, Ny. submitted by zerodealz to tattoos [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 01:19 mirikuta issues with my order and tracking

so basically i placed an order on the 14th. yesterday i emailed dollskill bc since the 15th the only tracking update was that a label has been created. they emailed me back and said the item was no longer in stock even though it says there's still 1 left on website. i told them that and then they sent a tracking link which said that my order was delivered to wembley highs, DO on the 22nd even though i live in canada? it also said that i placed the order on the 11th which is not true.
does anyone have experience with a situation like this? how did u handle it? tysm
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2021.10.23 01:19 mackyntyre former president's son is now 6'7

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2021.10.23 01:19 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) 3700 E BONANZA RD 10/22/2021 8:58:10 PM incident #LLV211000094103
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2021.10.23 01:19 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Garcia, Alvarez send Astros back to World Series | ESPN

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2021.10.23 01:19 ItzNate_96524 I'm ugly so I have no purpose

Do ugly people even have a purpose on this piece of sh*t planet?
I feel like utter sh*t all the damn time and this gets amplified if I see someone attractive, even the average looking people out there just look far better than me. I feel so inferior to anyone I meet, I tried the gym...worst, I repeat the WORST mistake I ever made. I felt like a sewer rat among tigers and lions.
I will never get a relationship, never have confidence and I will never be loved. I'm always surrounded by people that get into relationships and find love so easily. Why? Because they're attractive, one is literally a crack head that does hard drugs but still finds love. My brother who has anger issues, is in major debt and is homophobic, racist and is an out right pig. But guess what? None of that matters when you have a good face I guess, he's in a relationship shocker!
I don't even feel like a man, better yet I don't even feel like a human. Just some creature hulking around with no self worth being pathetic acting like I even have a chance.
I'm too much of a pussy to end my life, so instead I will just rot in my room and hide away from everyone and everything, I cannot be bothered anymore.
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2021.10.23 01:19 Virtual_Insanity92 A Quick Word on Dune (2021)

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2021.10.23 01:19 catboyism does anyone would be willing to gift me a mew?

it doesn’t matter if its hacked :( i just want him because hes cute and pink and want him in my game…. id be super grateful
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2021.10.23 01:19 Gauntet7514 If Obama was a vampire what would his name be

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2021.10.23 01:19 bermudojm Can i get a quick qc on these? From muks

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2021.10.23 01:19 maddsjanep I unironically like the show Glee

And I would never admit it.
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2021.10.23 01:19 Big_Sexem POV: You're an idiot who didn't read the patch notes

POV: You're an idiot who didn't read the patch notes
You know why conqueror on Aatrox is garbage now, more then it's ever been? It wasn't the damage nerf to it, it was this small little thing:
See, decreasing the duration is what hurt Conqueror's viability on Aatrox.
Conqueror on Aatrox is bad enough that it's a keystone that gives you a buff you don't have full access to on your first combo, but lowering the buff duration from 6 to 4 seconds means that you're ability to keep it up until you get your next spell rotation is basically ruined. You can't do it anymore, Aatrox's cool downs are to high early game and his autos are too slow, in addition, Aatrox does not have the sticking power he needs to keep these stats up early and mid game.
Aatrox is not Fiora, he's not Jax or Irelia or Akali or an Assassin. You get a little dash and that's it. You miss a Q? well your ability to stack conqueror is now ruined. So if you're not willing to ult and chase people down with W and autos to stack your conqueror before you stack pressing Q, you need to change your build to give you that sticking power you need. Early game though you're just fucked, unless you rush boots into quick axe or taking exhaust or ghost, you're not keeping your stacks.
This is why Aatrox players are suffering, it's because you're kinda dumb, erm, yeah, I'm just keeping it real, you're an idiot. Yeah, sorry not sorry, I'm smart and your're not smart, lol!!!
If you're still run conqueror and you still itemize Aatrox like this, you're a dumbass:
You will not have the sticking power to stay on top of your enemies long enough to keep your conqueror stacks up. If you get kited after you use your full rotation, you will not be able to keep your stacks of conqueror. If you're fighting 5v5s or random skirmishes and the enemy team has CC, you will not be able to stack your conqueror in any reasonable time, and even if you do it doesn't matter, because one knock back, stun, root, knock up, slow, hell even a silence, means you won't be able to keep your stacks.
If you're really dead-set on making conqueror work, you need movement speed, you need slowing power, you need attack speed, you need a lot of cool down reduction.
Here, we see the top 3 most common items for Aatrox's 1st and 2nd items:
Let me explain how to effectively itemize to make conqueror work.
Stridebreaker: got a buff, 5 more damage and it got the same Ironwhip damage change. Stridebreaker is the mythic you get for maximum stickiness, between it's passive movement speed buff, its active is a huge AoE slow, and it gives you attack speed as well that helps you stack conqueror with your auto's faster as well.
Building Stridebreaker, you can get either sterak's or bc, I prefer black cleaver because it gives you a lot more damage and even more sticking power. Getting Serylda's after is just over kill.
Black Cleaver: Black Cleaver is an item the gives you movement speed after hitting an enemy, every time you stack the passive armor pen you get 3 additional movement speed, at 6 stacks you get 18 additional movement speed. It's a decent item that helps you stay on top of your opponent, it also has strong synergy with conqueror because cleaver shreds their armor and conqueror gives you more AD then you get healing etc....
Getting Black Cleaver after Gore Drinker or Stridebreaker is ideal, Stridebreaker will let you stack Black Cleaver faster so there's more synergy in that.
Serylda's Grudge: This item is still a really strong pick up for Aatrox, getting it 2nd basically denies the enemies from escaping your damage so you can force yourself unconsensually on top of your opponents to keep those sweet, sweet conqueror stacks. This item is also the best for damage maxing, you might not get the tank stats of Black Cleaver, but you basically get to have the damage and CDR of Black Cleaver. It removes the kiting counter play against Aatrox and you can skip the tedious stacking system of black cleaver and just get straight to the 30% armor pen.
It's most ideal to get after your finish Gore Drinker because getting Serylda's second basically turns your Goredrinker into a DYI Stridebreaker with all the strengths of Goredrinker.
So, if I would rank these set-ups, this is how'd I'd rank them:
Grasps Aatrox is still GOATed and I will continue to use it as long as I play this shit game.
And if you think it's bad now, just you wait, we're not even in preseason yet :)
When preseason comes a long, with all it's tanks and mages who are all going to be stacking shields and resistances and getting grievous wounds as their second and third items, the conqueror and goredrinker builds might straight up lose any and all viability they have left.
After 3 years of having a disgusting strangle hold on the meta, Conqueror actaully lost a lot of it's viability on a ton of champs.
Tanks and mages are returning already.
Bruisers and assassins are in the shitter.
And all this after 2 days of the patch dropping.
Don't get me wrong, Conqueror and Goredrinker is still maintaining presence, even if their win rates are low, that doesn't mean that the build is weak, I think if they were given a month or two to adapt they'd find a better and more optimized way to make the build work, but preseason is in 3 weeks, they don't have the time. I mean if I was playing Talon or Zed, I'd go conqueror, GD > BC > Youmuu's > EoN > GA, like an assassin build with a lot of health.
You guys should be trying to adapt to it now cause I'm telling you, going from any mythic into sterak's gage is not going to let you out tank these tanks, conqueror is not going to help you kill these tanks. And when they come, they're going to squirt all over you, you will get fucked, you will make reddit posts crying about your favorite bruisers losing viability.
And while you guys are pissin n shiddin n cryin about these tanks, you know what I'll be doin? You don't want to know what I'll be doin, I might show you what I'll be doin, but you're not allowed to tell. Don't tell Mom, or Dad, if I think you will I won't tell you... don't tell the authorities either... ok?
Ok, I'll show you what I will be doin, cause I trust you. So don't tell anyone. Okay.
You can see, but just a peek.
You're not going to beat them so you might as well join them.
Anyways, post is over, go away.
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2021.10.23 01:19 Randomguy459 I want to shoot myself

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2021.10.23 01:19 jefersonx14 My brother is so unmotivated to do anything

My younger brother is 15 and he refuses to go to school, study or do his homework. He says he just doesn't feel like doing anything and doesn't want to study even though he knows that studying is important. All he does all day is browse reddit or watch gaming videos on YouTube. He has been like this for months now and I wanna try to get him motivated again. Is there something wrong with his metal health? Any advice on how me and my parents should deal with him?
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2021.10.23 01:19 greenleafrepeated If you want to keep your sanity, stop playing the game. Please.

I played CR since launch, dumped tons of time (and money, regretably) into it. Maxed my account level and about half my cards. The grind of the game and the cash-grab nature of it was always evident to me but it was hard to stop playing (that's how cash-grabs work, right). Finally had the willpower to delete the email associated with my account to purge this curse of a game from my life entirely. Honestly made my life significantly better.
Happened to come across this sub again for the first time in at least a year today and read through everything that's happening. So, I guess this is a note, in retrospect, from someone who has quit the game a while ago:
How Supercell treats this game and its playerbase is nothing short of predatory. This isn't a new thing. This isn't a change in character with this level 14 update. Throughout CR's lifetime, Supercell has made decisions that go against the interests of its players at every turn. Anyone who has played the game for a couple years knows this, even if they want to ignore it. Supercell will fuck up, then "apologize" and make half assed reparations for the community they repeatedly fuck up the ass dry.
It's laughable reading their apology post for the level 14 drama. I remember TWO YEARS AGO before I quit them making almost word for word the same statements about "working towards a better progression system".
Newsflash: They aren't. They never have been, they never will. If they were, they'd delete the level system entirely from the game. Few lines of code edited, even playing field for every player. Done. But they won't do that.
This isn't me making a post trying to get people to "boycott" Supercell of some BS. I don't care about Supercell. What I care about, UNLIKE supercell, is you.
Please, for the sake of your mental health, stop playing this game. They just want more of your money. Cut the ties, find something that actually is fun for you and brings you joy. This pandemic has fucked so many of us over and you don't need a dumbass mobile game company adding onto that as they continue to squeeze attention and money from you until you finally roll over and die. Get a hobby where you learn something new, do something you love, create something with your friends. Video games are amazing, but games like Clash Royale?
Evil. Call it quits and burn the bridge.
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2021.10.23 01:19 Primate_Nemesis OPEN COMMISSION! Swipe to see the price list. DM if you're interested.

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2021.10.23 01:19 KaiKat99 Advice for getting/healing an industrial?

Have an appointment with a great piercer in a just over a week!
I'm very excited and have healed other cartilage piercings (conch and helix). Any advice or things to look out for that are industrial specific?
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2021.10.23 01:19 MarkLotusF1 Missing Side Quests (Researchers Request)

I googled the mission I needed to begin the Starstone Barrows Expedition. Turns out I need to begin with Researchers Request, a side quest in Everfall, but the mission is missing. You only need to be level 10 to pickup and it is not where its supposed to be even though I have not completed it. Is anyone else having this problem?
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2021.10.23 01:19 Chocolate-Spider Noble Steed

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2021.10.23 01:19 MidgardHelRealm Are you the glue in a community? Small server seeks community builder

Are you a people person 😄?
Kind of a different post but I'm hoping to find certain community members that enjoy bridging the gaps between people in a group like I do!
So far we have a small realm with active players and good hearts.
We have introverts, extroverts, and people of all different backgrounds.
This post in particular is looking for a certain kind of person, but anyone can reply to join!
I believe that in building and sustaining a community some members act kind of like glue!
I enjoy seeing friendships foster and happiness bud in common shared goals and great experiences. Even more so if I'm allowed to help foster friendships in a non-intrusive manner. If this sounds like you, it'd be great to have you on the server!
This isn't a post searching for an admin, or for someone to dutifully fill a role. If you join seeking to be this type of person, then change your mind, that's ok! There's more to offer on the server and we're glad to have friendly people of all types!
If you feel like bridging gaps and suggesting group events is something that comes naturally to you, please reply here😄!
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2021.10.23 01:19 Joeyfingis Was this Westbrook offensive foul legit?

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2021.10.23 01:19 Splatulated soo what is the chance of the Arbitor CK giving the opponent (or player that uses them) a seizure with the strobe effect?

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2021.10.23 01:19 locojimbo What is the reasoning behind the 10billion total supply?

This team is very intelligent and im assuming the 10 billion supply of algo is well thought out. What would be the reason for this number? Why not make it more scarce? Just curious is all
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2021.10.23 01:19 BigLongFootDoctor Curious how we're doing so far this year. What % is your YTD return?

Year to date, Bitcoin is up 112% - while the stock market sp500 is up just 21%
How is your portfolio faring in comparison?
If you're not beating bitcoin, should really consider dca'ing from now on into btc and eth whenever you have funds available to do so.
While people have become rich from coins like Shiba and Doge the reality is that's playing the lotto. Let's see how normal investors have been performing year to date through this volatile 2021.
So let's hear it what is your % YTD return? (Mine's 41%)
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